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Yes, she said it.  We are going to play a game of “Make your own God“, a game where I make up a God that is more plausible than the God of the Bible, or any religion I know sufficiently.  First off, I guess we have to define God in a way that is plausible.  God is humanoid, but is hermaphroditic.  This means that because God created us that God is both male and female.  God has a physical body, therefore God is not omnipresent, omnipotent or omniscient.  God created the universe from material that was actually already there, so where would this God come from?  God is the byproduct in the duplication of a parallel reality eclipsing the moment of her birth.  Yes, this god identifies as a woman though she is technically both.  Oh, and God is a human being.  So how is God, therefore God?

Background on this God’s Origins (not based on any specific theory named here):

God is God because the dimensional eclipse occurred at her birth removing her from the standard continuity of this universe.  There is multiple universes of which our current universe is a strange duplicate.  Duplication occurs in two ways, the first by the death of a universe and the birth of 1 or 2 from the remains of the earlier, or from splitting off from an existing universe and thereby dividing its total energy.  The prior creates odd universes, because both are different from the original, and the later produces even and strange universes.  Strange universes spawn because of a transformation of the near copy universe by singularity.  The Big Bang that creates universes internally doesn’t always occur at the beginning.  A significant event can cause a large universe to duplicate at any point of its timeline, and in this case it was the intersection of God’s creation date, time, and place.  Rather than forming a single even universe that is only slightly variant it tore and created a micro-universe (Alpha Strange) and our universe (Beta Even).  The point of duplication was God’s birthday in the original universe encapsulating her in the Alpha Strange within the Beta Even.  The Big Bang expanded into the future and past into the universe we know now.  At critical point of energy(the energetic decay of exotic particles between our universe and her) she is pulled from our timeline, and sent back to the standard start time 13.7 billion years transforming our universe into a Beta Strange non-replicating (meaning our universe’s energies will never divide but may merge).

To throw a twist into the dynamic, she didn’t create the universe on purpose, but completely by accident.  Her abilities come from the properties of the exotic particles, in union with her ability through extreme exposure to dimensional forces.  Essentially, God can manipulate her movement through time, thus also through space, allowing her limited manipulation of critical states.  Further more the exotic particles keep, and give restorative conversion of energy to support her body.  It’s like conscious suspension, being frozen temporally at the critical point and not suffering the affects of time based decay that effects all other molecules.  It doesn’t prevent bonding, or anything that affects her ability to act, but adds the ability to convert all ambient energy into usable energy in her body like a solar panel only more types of energy can be converted.  It is converted through the stasis effect, and through translation through the exotic particles stimulating cycling energy (bio-electric).  With time and billions of years she develops better understanding of the state of her existence and through that control over time in local space around her.  With this ability she can traverse great distances instantly, cut object with her hands, melt metals, manipulate molecular bonds and atomic bonds making materials through fusion and fission, manipulate her own movement, and keep information better, and essentially manipulate her own body to a degree and abilities for growth.

A God-like Hermaphrodite might be a little disconcerting but no more provable than any other God. (Image by Reneta Scian)

Any ability that could be learned with space-time manipulation she can learn.  She can also fly through the same mechanism, and perceive beyond the 5 senses, not because of the exotic particles but because of decades of practice and knowledge.  She can perceive time in a way that is different from normal people, being able to be aware of how much time has passed through awareness of the decay of the less stable exotic particles of her micro-universe.  Also, through the billions of years leading up to the present was given time to develop her mind to nearly greatest potential.  The restorative effects have a .5% tendency though to reverse memory, but it usually doesn’t occur to her detriment.  So she has a .5% greater tendency to forget things over an extended periods in excess of 500 years than a human would.  So in a billion years she has forgotten more things than the average human can remember, and the exotic particle restorative effect actually ceases the loss of memories with age because she doesn’t age.  Lets say the critical point occurred at 35, so she’d permanently have the body of a 35-year-old, with abilities and restorative abilities beyond average people.  The restorative effect negates the negative effect of sleep loss and makes sleep more effective.  Since metabolic processes were not ceased she essentially functions like an average person, biologically speaking, if you could extend their life over 14 billion years.

As a result of the nature of her existence she has done little to alter history, or done so covertly to reduce the effect on the universe to preserve the timeline that led to her birth.  However, what is interesting is that the timeline of her birth already included her “tampering” prior to her birth because she was the first thing created in the Big Bang that created our universe.  So she remained relatively invisible to humans on purpose because of her perception of tampering up to the critical point, which would be the present time.  She had accidentally filled roles in history just as being part of society, and watching humanity grow.  She even intervened a few times, but was largely hid that she was God when she did help.  God technically has no powers without the effect of the unique confined dimension with in a dimension that is separated only enough to cause the abilities she has, create the universe as it is and alter her permanence in our universe, and her own.  Her powers have physical energy limits, and when she exceeds them she sleeps to replenish them, sometimes for decades and centuries.  She is God through the consequences of the splitting of another universe, and ended up creating our universe through a paradoxical incident of causality.

Present Day – Critical Point:

An accidental Big Bang is hardly covered by insurance I'd argue, but I don't picture this God having a Brittany Spears moment. (image by Reneta Scian)

Once she was certain her duplicate had been sent 14 billion years into the past on schedule, she decides it’s time to show herself.  She starts by holding a large concert style press and public event.  Having observed all of time she has a slightly different take on the universe, religion, and the progression of human kind.  The stage on the night of the event is decorated with scientific documentation of evolution, the species tree as a center piece, and she makes arrangements to have it televised worldwide and invites all the well know Atheist Scientists and Philosophers as guests to be up on stage with her.  As many as can fit are gathered in Central Park to watch the event with the woman who calls herself God.  There is of course Christians protesting it with saying “It’s the Anti-Christ” and “The end is Nigh”, a minority of them in different places violently protesting.  Protesters are the minority.  In the days leading up to this night, she has displayed her power.  Flying around, rescuing people, healing the sick, and crashing rallies she deems to be “hate speech”.   One in particular is a rally set up by Anti-Gay marriage opponent Christine O’Donnell.  God walks in to the back, and security tries to stop her.  God said, “Get out of my way” and at that moment all the burly men in this hallway are pushed against the wall by an unseen force.  She walks up on the stage, startling Mrs. O’Donnell a bit but she continues speaking until God gets a few feet from the podium “Can I help you?  How’d you get past security?”.

God throws the politician a few feet with a flick of her wrist, and with the other hand disintegrates the podium in a mini-tornado.  Now, speaking through the sound system with no mic she says, “You are all hateful beings.  You gather here to condemn and display hatred of your fellow humans.  Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people are as valid, and as deserving of right as you are, yet you gather here to speak evil of them” says God.  “You have nothing but hate in your hearts, and you spurn them for being born different.  You should be ashamed of what you have done here” she adds.  The politician gets to her feet then using a back up mic pinned to her clothing and says, “Who are you?”, she exclaims.  “I am God” she replies, and at that moment flies away slowly as the crowd stammers and gasps.  Christine O’Donnell still trembling walks slowly off the stage and is escorted out by security.

Back to the present at the meeting with God stage and all the onlookers gathered.  Many had heard about her previous appearances over the past few days.  The lights and curtains rise, and the lights come on.  Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and several other notable scientists like Neil deGrasse Tyson and others walk onto the stage and take designated seats to the right of a large evolution diagram with all the species, and to the left of the podium.  Left of the podium is a table of long stem glasses with water in them, and buckets of chemicals under the table.

A really awesome picture of Richard Dawkins.

God walks out, in a nearly all white Victorian style dress, that is mid-thigh length in the front, and tapering to ankle length in the back.  The outfit looks a little like something from Soul Caliber IV with over-the-knee armored boots, an upper arm length armored glove on her right arm and a regular leather glove with a small circular plate on it on the left.  She has an armored under-bust corset on with it very intricately decorated with Victorian patterned etching.  She has a sturdy and confident, but friendly air in her walk with a gentle clinking sound.  The armor is padded to make less sound.  She walks out and everyone is silent, some people are shouting random slurs, a few are cheering, but you can tell the crowd is tense.  She speaks again without mic through the speakers, “You can relax a bit, I mean you no harm”.  A few shouts of “Anti-Christ” and “Blasphemer” can be heard further back in the crowd.  A gentle sound of Beethoven mingles in the background.  The Atheists on stage are very nervous, but sternly fixated on the events.  “Richard Dawkins”, she chimes, “Come forward if you would.”  He hesitantly gets up from his chair and irks forward with heckling from the crowd.

He is finally standing near the podium, and God says “Closer”.  He irks ever closer, she waves him to come forward more.  Once he is 3 feet from her, she opens her arms to him to hug.  Hesitant for a moment, he hugs her.  “Thank you for honoring the truth, and the pursuit of truth in your life’s work” she says with a smile on her face.  The fear once prevalent on his face fades to a smile and a “Thank You”.  They turn to the crowd her arm on his shoulder, and she says “Would you please take the podium and ask me whatever questions you have for me?”  He nods and takes the podium, “M… my… My first question is this… If you are God as you so claim to be, what proof do we have that you are truly who you say you are?”  “None” she says with gasps from the crowd.  “I can only show what I am, and let you make the decision whether you believe me or not” she continues, “See the wine glasses here?”  She grabs a few by the stem handing them to the people on the stage.  “Taste this, and tell me what it is”, she smirks.  Each person on the stage and Richard Dawkins at the podium says “Water”nearly in unison.  She walks over to each glass and with two fingers wiping the rim transforms the water in the glasses to wine one by one.

Anna Deity, your friendly neighborhood non-judgemental God.

“Now what is in the glass?” she submits.  With startled looks on their faces the men sniff and sip and their expressions transform to awe as they exclaim “WINE, it’s really WINE”.  The crowd gasps in awe, with a few claps.  “I know, little more than a parlor trick, but I thought it would be cool” she states boldly with a playful air.  She walks back to the table, and begins opening the buckets of chemicals.  “Each chemical corresponds with the volume and elements required to make a person” she states while beginning to wave her hands over the buckets.  The materials begin to swirl out of the buckets into the air.  Slowly a skeleton begins to form standing on the stage, then muscle and veins being build out of the materials.  Skin forms, and then hair and she then drops her hands.  A naked man is standing still suspended on the stage, she snaps her fingers and he begins to move.  He looks around confused about why he is here.  Everyone is shocked and silent.  The man turns to God and says, “How can I speak? What am I?  How did I get here? Why did you make me?”  “Why does potter make pots, and why does a weaver make cloth? she retorts.  Pulling with her mind she gets the blanket from under the table where the buckets were and wraps it around the man, “You’ll be able to figure this all out with time, and welcome to Earth” and she ushers him offstage to a few doctors to check.

Dawkins chugs his wine, and wipes his mouth.  She turns back to the stage and says, “Next Question.”  Seeing Dawkins is still a little out of sorts, she says “You can take turns you know”.  Neil deGrasse Tyson is chomping at the bit and he stands and Dawkins walks back to his seat letting Tyson go to the podium while he collects himself.  Tyson asks, “How did you do that just now?  How are we to believe that it was real and not a trick?”  She steps forward near the podium and says, “With billions of years of practice, and the ability to manipulate space-time.  And there is no way you can find if it was a trick”.  Tyson is shocked but somewhat satisfied with this answer.  “How did you come to exist, and how do you manipulate space-time”, he continues inquisitively.  “I am both within and outside this universe confined within my universe.  I manipulate space-time because of the unique properties of my body and localized space-time since I am both in and out of it.  When the universe diverged and formed I was formed first as an independent plane, which then causally affected the universe itself”, she responds succinctly.

She explains that being outside our space-time to a degree allows manipulation, and occurred about when she was born.  Shocked Tyson responds, “So you’re human, and god-like” and God replies, “Yes”.  Another wave of shock rolls across the crowd with gasps, shouts of “Anti-Christ”, and murmurs of “Oh, my god”, as they listen intently.  “How is this possible?” Tyson asks befuddled.  “I don’t know” she says, “It just happened, and I learned to deal with it”.  “That’s all I have”, he responds before sitting back down.  Sam Harris stands and comes forward and says, “Why over all these centuries did you not come forward?  Why didn’t you stop the atrocities that came to pass?”  “Good question…  I am not omniscient or omnipresent, nor can I use my powers endlessly.  Additionally, I was concerned about what would happen if I’d had changed the course of history leading up to my birth, so I tried to work silently and unseen which was simply not enough.  I exhausted so much energy trying to protect people who were in danger that I slept for 10 years to recover, meaning I missed most of the holocaust as an example” God responds solemnly.  “I cried for a year after discovering my effort failed when I woke” she adds with tears in her eyes, “For all the powers I have, I didn’t succeed… my methodology failed”.

The universe is such a beautiful and baffling place, but I find that religion is not a path to it, but from it. Intelligence is a measure of your ability to learn, thus faith reduces your intelligence. The Orion Nebula (image from Hubble Telescope and NASA)

With somewhat of an arrogant demeanor Harris asserts, ” Then you aren’t really God, are you?  Or at least by what we define as God in religion?”  God responds directly, “Yes and No.  By the notions in religion I am not God by lacking supernatural absolutes.  But by definition verses humans being the reason for the existence of the universe we live in, power over life and death, immortality, invincibility, power over time and space, as well as absurd power and knowledge, then I am God.  I am just not the God of religion who is fictional, man-made and physically impossible in this universe.”  There is both booing and cheering mixed with more gasps and head nods from the atheists on stage.  “I am not the glorious, holy, or perfect being you made God out to be, but that doesn’t negate what I am or what I did.” she adds, “I am still a God”.  Harris asks, “What are the limits of your power?”  “The laws of the universe itself”, she retorts quickly with a spring-like movement.  “Is there a correct religion, or are the all wrong?” he asks in a nearly berating way.  “No, they are all man-made fictions designed to quell your fears of dying, and the unknowns of life and death”, she responds.

“Thank you, Ms…?” he inquires, “Anna” she responds.  “Thank you, Anna!” he says and then takes a seat.  Stephen Hawking rolls up to the stage now with a few questions he formulated while the rest spoke.  He asks, “Is there an afterlife, heaven, hell, reincarnation or any concept spoken of in religion, and if so how do they work.”  “There is an afterlife, a soul that is released from your body when you die.  Not all animals have souls, but humans certain do.  There is no specific heaven, but some people migrate to where souls congregate, and some do reincarnate.  Their is no hell, but people who punish themselves, or hate themselves for one reason or another create a hell for themselves.  The reason for this is that the universe has multiple planes, subspace (the space between our universe and others), hyperspace (where the soul, dark energy and dark matter resides), and middle space (where we are now).  Souls are made of small amounts of dark matter, though mostly dark energy that is coherent, and effected mostly by consciousness, and minimally by matter in our space.  When the body dies, the pattern of your conscience is expelled to move on, reincarnate, combine with other souls, or in severe death traumas to split.  The soul is far more complex than living consciousness, and living consciousness interferes with it a bit in reincarnation.  Soul identity is fluid, the body is more set by rules.” God espouses with strength, peace and calm resonating in her voice.

“Thank you, that is all”, Hawking responds with his usual smile and returns to is spot between Dawkins and Hitchens.  Hitchens approaches the podium, straightening out his jacket and popping his neck a little.  He leans into the mic a bit while turning to look at God and say, “Do you make people worship you or do things in your name, ever or at all?”  “No.  In fact I don’t want nor need worship.  It seems selfish and self-serving to expect people to bow before me.  I also don’t ask for people do things in my name, especially not murder, persecution, or war.  In fact I abhor such things”, God intensely contests.  “And one more question, on urging from a dear friend of mine…  What do you think about the homosexual, and transsexual?”, he adds.  “Homosexuality is a natural outcome of hormones during development as is transsexuality”, God says with a raised eyebrow.  She continues, “It happens all the time, and neither is their number growing nor shrinking.  It is not a threat to the continuation of humanity, and is not a moral issue.  You can’t condemn someone for their inalienable nature, but I urge caution in engaging in same-sex acts if you don’t have true same-sex attraction, or in gender changes if you don’t truly feel that you are the opposite.  It’s not that you’ll be condemned but I guarantee you’ll regret it”.

With shock and applaud drowning out the few booing participants, the atheists on stage join Christopher Hitchens in applause.  “Very good, I think I don’t have any other questions for the moments except for this one… On what premise should we accept you as God?”, Hitchens asks with a stern and opposing tone.  “Well Christopher, you don’t have to.  I don’t expect you to as it would need a logical assertion that could be dangerous.  ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ – A.C. Clark.  So I expect you to decide for yourself if you accept me as I am, to expect you to get around your logical processes would be a terrible idea.  However, if you find my evidence enough to assert than I am God then that is okay.  Your acceptance or denial of me as your God, as just one God, or as a God-like being is of no consequence to me.  In the event that it had negative consequences to consider me so, I’d prefer you reject me as your personal God, and consider me a higher form of god-like life.” God asserts much to the surprise of many, dismay of some, and cheers of many.

Anna asserts in a more convincing tone, “Do not build temples in my name, nor holy books of my sayings, but don’t forget what I say.  Inscribe into your memory what I say, but don’t make monument to me, or bow or pray to me.  I will help you if I can, prepare you to help yourself if I can’t, but I am not perfect.  I am one being with great power and a moral conscience, not an omnipresent, omnipotent perfect being here to serve you.  I have needs just like you, though they are very different.”  She then explains how most of human evolution was autonomous with maybe a few interventions.  That life forms with or without her intervention, and that she is merely one being in a singular circumstance.  A mortal made God, not a superseding God of myth and fable.  Asserting epistemologically that God exists because she knows that she exists, but that even she doesn’t know everything because she is governed by the same rules as everyone else is.

She told them she tried to speak to man in the past but her message was always misunderstood, misconstrued, or even changed to make the demographically prevailing beliefs of the times.  It happened on several occasions and on several others she was forced to show her powers contributing to some myth and legend, like resurrection myths and the sort.  As a result of the guidance this God gave in present day, slowly over decades religion dissolved, and while many people did treat her like God she asserted not to.  Now confident she could interact openly with the world, a new understanding of the universe was discovered and a new era of mankind was born plus one deity.  She used her powers for good, and spoke for the good of all mankind because that was her sincerest desire once having been just as human.  A few wars came and went about because of those who didn’t want to believe or believed her to be a deceiver or Satan her/himself.  However, eventually people came to accept what this God-like being said, and peace and progress was had for all, with a little occasional help of the divine, pseudo-divine, or non-divine being of whichever you believed her to be.

The Point of the Story:

I over the years have tried painting the universe, but I'd really love to see it. Only science will get you there. (image by Reneta Scian)

This is an entirely fictional story.  It is not a point to create some pseudo-religion, but to point out a key fact.  We always manifest God in accordance of our own beliefs.  Simply because I can make a plausible argument for the potential existence of the aforementioned God, doesn’t mean that at some point in the future this God will come, that she exists, or that the properties that make her God exist or can exist.  Plausible does not equal true, any more than absurd equals false as quantum physics dictates.  I feel like many atheists that the delusion of God lies with in each of our own heads which is why God, who and what he or she is varies so greatly from person to person and why he/she knows us so well.  My God is far more plausible than the God of any religion I know of, but the plausibility doesn’t mean she exists.  The premise of that argument would mean that anything which is, or seems plausible is real and actual and would be false, a fallacy.  Some people assert this for the Abrahamic God as if it’s going out of style, that because God could be a plausible explanation for the patterns in nature that God therefore exist.  As is in the earlier case is no more true than my story which is admittedly fiction.

However, when it comes to God people often miss this, or masking tape over the logical fallacies in their positions like a bad mechanic does to your radiator hose.  A position that is broken and non sequitur with logic or science can never be fixed by taping it together with other logical fallacies, or by blatantly ignoring the facts.  Ignoring the fact that walls are solid doesn’t allow you to walk through walls, nor will it ever.  Reality is reality and if you don’t see this then you need a wake up call.  Grow up world, and give up your ignorant man-made superstitions and realize that honest science is the only path to truth.  We might get it wrong, we might not have all the answers, but at least we keep our minds open should the answers arrive.  Humans all entertain the idea of some noble deity coming to our rescue and fixing all our problems, but waiting for such to occur is the greatest tragedy we face as a species.  If our deity isn’t going to “bail us out” then who will?

The universe is more vast than our imaginations.

Faith may give you solace in moments when the unknown is frightening, but it’s just a placebo that is just insufficient to resolve the conflict.  If you want to know, you discover; faith impedes discovery by circumventing it and logic in its path.  It’s dangerous thinking, and it should be avoided.  To all you religious fundamentalists who don’t realize the fictitious nature of your faith designed to cater to the needs, wants and desires of the culture that constructed it then you need a wake up call.  What my God story demonstrates is that its human nature to create God in your image, not you in God’s image.  The real illusion you don’t see is that your psyche is what is creating the God you are trying to sell to others.  The world is so much more wonderful to behold with your eyes and mind open to receive it.  Open your mind.