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Blue Tempest

Preface –

It’s time for me to start getting serious about writing stories, and one day becoming a published author.  This is a story based on a dream I had.  This is a rather common feat for me.  I dream in stories, and wake up sometimes so inspired to write them that I can’t resist the creative storm that accompanies them.  I play on doing many episodic stories.  I plan to start with the story of Blue Tempest.  This preface will discuss my motivation for this story, and be a stand alone piece to introduce Episode One – Rebirth.

As a GLBT writer I feel that too little media really discusses our existence, and most of that does misleads, or is wrote by cisgender/heterosexual/gender normative people.  Unfortunately, the economic trials of GLBT people makes it difficult for us to really get the opportunity to represent ourselves.  I hope to participate in a change of that mentality.  This book, published online, for free in episodic format will tell the story of GLBT lives, and will come from the position I see the world from.  Someone once told me something that really sank in when it comes to my love of writing, “Write what you know”.  For the first time in my life I feel as though I have enough experience to write a convincing story and something people will really grab on to.  Hopefully with this series I’ll be able to add images to add the viewers in seeing exactly who my protagonist is, and seeing the world they live in.  I enjoy surrealism, and science fiction, but I also like things with a hint of romance, mystery, and fantasy.  Because in sharing my stories I am genuinely sharing my dreams, my mind, and my heart with the world.

But more than that, I am hopefully giving a voice to the lives and existences of GLBT people, and in the end, I hope to inspire change for the better in our world.  Most of my stories are likely to feature female protagonists.  Some won’t.  My experience of being trans* will be a guiding light for me in the construction of characters of many facets of gender, sex, and sexuality.  Things likely to appear in both this story, and stories to come are reflected in my previous scribblings.  I am going to keep everything on one blog for now, and perhaps at a later date I’ll separate them.  Who knows.  However, I will have a nifty button you can push to access my stories at the top of the page.  It will be simple and easy to use, so no worries.  And with that, I shall publish this preface and get on the story to be told.  Enjoy!  You may find any stories I write in this fashion by pressing “Episodic Stories”, this story will be in the sub-category as “Blue Tempest”.