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It seems with every passing year that the average American pocket-book get progressively smaller, the cost of living progressively higher, and the highest margin of difference between the upper classes and the lower to middle since 1917.  In the 10 plus years I was in the military I saw the cost of milk go from $1.78 a gallon to near $4.00 a gallon in some places during the 2010 – 2011 fiscal year.  The cost of living is steadily increasing by multiples, and minimum wage as seen a fraction of that.  Yet somehow, in the middle of our economic drought corporate profits are reaching an all time high.  Not only that, but the declining dollar is putting the pinch on what your money is actually worth.  Something seems wrong with this system.  The top 5oo companies in the US make more than 15% of the total GDP in profits alone.  In fact the American family is in a pickle now, because a family of 4 barely makes ends meet on $4000 a month, and less than 3% of Americans make more than $250,000/yr.  The cost of living is so immense now that the average Joe has to have two – three jobs just to make it work.  That isn’t what it’s supposed to be like.  The rich are getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.  But don’t take my word for it, research it yourself and ask the protesters on Wall Street having their constitutional right to peaceful protest denied because the wealthy have the power to infringe upon it.  People are being assaulted for peaceful protest by the police themselves.  If things continue as they are it will only get worse.  The fictions wrote in books about a future economic crisis that gets much worse before mankind learns to know better looks more and more possible.

Our lower and lower-middle class are being fleeced for the sake of Corporate America which has major influence in not only finance but in politics.  The system as it is charges exorbitantly inflated prices for goods, gets tax cuts for outsourcing essentially rewarding the rich for being greedy and undermining the infrastructure of our nation.  They have too much power to have respect of the people they abuse.  This isn’t a fair system and as much as conservatives complain about the “redistribution of wealth” they claim taxes pay for, it is simply not the case.  In any system of balanced taxes the rich pay the most of the taxes because they make the most money, but progressively the rich have paid less tax, while using much more of the infrastructure than the average American.  Everyone pays for the roads via taxes and other revenue catching prospects, but why are the rich getting cuts for the resources they depend on the most.  The problem is that our tax dollars are being abused, and those who are putting the most abuse on our infrastructure are not footing the bill.  We, the average tax payer, shouldn’t bear the burdens of this massive system to the extent we do.  To make more money you must spend more money, but someone is tilting the scales and the pressure it is playing on 99% of Americans is going to break the system on which the upper class, corporate tycoon depends on.

Corporate Greed knows no bounds, if not checked with realistic taxes to pay for what they use we will have to foot the bill in ways you can't image. We are selling our children's futures for pennies on the dollar.

The system is incredibly out of balance now, and I only see a handful of people really tackling this issue.  The rich feel that taxation is unfair and have the money to lobby for weaker taxes, but they don’t realize that those taxes are necessary to support the infrastructure that allows them to make that money in the first place.  They are shirking their civic obligation to support through taxes the representative amount of the infrastructure they depend on.  Instead they are passing it onto us, the poor, and middle classes.  We live off of the infrastructure that taxes pay for far less than the corporate tycoon.  As a result of this imbalance we are now in a situation where our government doesn’t have the money to support the infrastructure we have much less improve upon it.  That is the duty of the incorporated interests of the wealthiest companies who use and abuse that right to its fullest.  Giving them tax breaks is bankrupting our nation, and bleeding the 97% of us who make less than $250,000/year to death.  We don’t make enough to support the land, resources, and support that they use.  They are leaching us dry.  We need less, use less, and produce less so the burden shouldn’t be on out backs to make sure the system works for them, it should be theirs.

It is not our responsibility to build roads so they can market their goods, it is not our responsibility to develop land for commerce, and lastly it is not our responsibility to be their carpet on which they build their empires of greed upon.  This isn’t about redistribution of wealth taxing the wealthy, this is about making them live up the their civic responsibilities to the resources they use, that is all.  It is completely bullshit, graft and corruption for them to get off easy by paying for their amnesty for the crimes they perpetrate against the people on which their empires stand.  We need the restore the checks and balances against corporate interest corrupting political interests, and start taxing them for what they owe and not this sad excuse of a pity story.  They already got billions of our dollars in bailout funds so they can get richer, the buck should stop here.  We are not going to pay for your bullshit anymore Corporate America, it is time you started taking care of the land, roads, utility, and people you stand upon.  No more pity parties for the people making money hand over fist and our expense.  Pay for what and who you use.  If we don’t make sure they pay for what is due to them then we will all continue to suffer until we have no refuge but war to take back what they robbed from us.  If their was no big business we wouldn’t need an extensive road system, rail system, air travel system or any mass transit system, we’d need a lot simpler one that would allow people to travel from one community to the other.  It is because they need it that it exists so they should pay for it, even if we have the off-chance possibility of benefiting from it.

Yep, that's right people without this our economy fails. The 97% of us aren't wealthy & can't afford to support this, and if our economy fails then so will this infrastructure you take for granted. If you don't pay Corporate America we're all fucked as well.

We pay our toll with our blood, sweat and tears, now it’s time they paid theirs in an equitable way.  We the people should stop letting them make money at our expense.  Rebuild and keep up the American infrastructure and we will all benefit from it, because if you don’t we’ll all suffer because of it.  We aren’t asking for your hand outs, we are asking for you to pay your dues; which are, much to your chagrin, very much so greater in percent than ours.  That is how life is, you pay for what you use including those whom you use.  That is your responsibility as the wealthy, to support that which is responsible for your wealth, and to do so fair and equitably.  That is not what you’re doing to America now, and it’s time for you to wise up Corporate America.  If you don’t, you’ll pay even more dearly than you believe the taxes make you now.  We can only take so much of being walked on and abused before we get our torches and pitchforks and hunt your asses down.  You can’t stop all 270 million of us from storming your front porches and asking why you haven’t been keeping up your end of the bargain.  Free-market economy doesn’t mean you get to shit on those that market depends on.