Fusion, Fire and Ice – Episode 20

Fallon jumps a little as the nurse returns to the room to treat us for tempest sickness while we sleep.  She rolls onto her back and pretends to be going to sleep already.  The nurse administers the IVs with electrolytes and sedatives and leaves.  As we fall asleep we turn into towards each others embrace and fade into its warmth.

It seemed that almost as soon as I was asleep, I awake in a dream.  At first its white and I can’t see.  But as my sight clears I can see that I am standing in that meadow again, accept this time it’s bright and colorful, and Yuzuho as she looked before breach is sitting there on the grass next to the pond.  I walk up to her and sit beside her.  Yuzu grabs my shoulder and pulls me over onto my side with my head in her lap, and pets my hair.  She used to do this when we went on picnics together in the national park.  Even though it’s a dream, I remember a few times we actually made love in that same park.  I realize that I am physically just as I was before breach as well in this dream, and that I feel so at peace.  Yuzuho pulls the hair back behind my ear like she usually does when she has something to say to me.  “Yuzuho?”, I say looking up into her eyes.  “I told you to call me Fallon, remember”, she says down to me.  “Oh yeah, that’s right”, I say to her.  I giggle a little as she pokes me on the forehead gently.  “We aren’t dreaming, Alira”,she says to me.

“What do you mean?”, I say to her rolling onto my back facing straight up at her.  “We are inside Sylphie.  We are inside the part of our minds that belong to her when we are merged”, she responds.

I sit up now facing away from her, and as I do I can hear the rustle of something walking through the grass in the distance behind us.  It’s Sylphie.  “Well now ladies, this is quite awkward”, she candidly giggles at us.  Both still sitting on the blanket me and Fallon both rotate where we are both facing Sylphie.  “It’s nice to finally meet you.  I’d been lost inside your minds for so long, but when you fused again and gave me a name I finally formed.  I guess, technically, I am both of you, and neither.  This isn’t to say that I am an independent entity, but that I exist as something separate when your minds are connected, as they are now”, she says gentle grinning at us.  She sets down a picnic basket full of sandwiches and all sorts of goodies, and seat herself on our blanket.  Grabbing 3 cups and 3 saucers she places cups out for tea in front of us.  It’s strange seeing our merged form sitting in front of us as a totally different entity.  It’s like we know each other and she knows us… Like old friends.  This dream feels very familiar, and it’s the same dream I had when I thought about Fallon after breach.  She pours glasses of hot tea into each glass, and stills a straw full of honey into each.  Fallon speaks up finally, as she does I noticed that as some point during this exchange we’d reverted to how our bodies now look.  “What do you mean by connected”, Fallon says.  Sylphie demurely giggles to herself with her hand over her mouth.  “Sorry… I sort of fused you two while you were sleeping”, she says then does a single knock against the side of her head.  Fallon gets this bemused look on her face, and then turns that look my way.  “You silly otaku! I bet it’s your fault that she acts like she is a character from a manga or anime.  Isn’t it?!”, she firmly insists.  I just stick my tongue out at her, and strangely Sylphie does the same thing at the same time.  She groans at me, then relaxes her face to drink some of her tea.

She looks shocked, “I remember this tea.  It was my grandmothers recipe, but…”  Sylphie stops Fallon from talking by putting a single finger across her lips, “We are in my dream at the moment, so the tea I gave you comes from your one you drank during one of your fondest memories.”

“Your dream?  But you are made from us?”, I say to her.

She looks up and to the left with her index finger on her chin, “Well, that is technically true.  However, I was the one who was in breach, not either of you.”  Fallon is stunned in mid-drink and chokes spitting her tea a little as she does.  Collecting herself she looks at Sylphie with an irritated face, “What are you talking about.  Me and Alira were both in breach.”  Sylphie sips her own tea, and sticks her tongue out because of the oddness of the strange blends of flavors.  Then with her finger she turns the cup of tea into a glass of wine that looks vaguely like the same glasses and same wine me and Fallon had on our wedding night.  ‘Wait’, I think to myself, how is it that I remember that now.  I couldn’t before I think while shaking my head.  Sylphie takes a sip of the wine and smiles and blushes a little, then continuing, “That’s not entirely accurate.”  Fallon chugs the rest of her tea and slams the glass down onto the saucer, “How so?!  Are you calling me an idiot.”  I sigh to myself, somehow strangely aware of how Yuzuho would throw temper tantrums when people tried to debate things with her of which she felt assured of.  “While I was in breach, you two were fused.  It wasn’t until you diffused that one of you was even in breach, and only separated by a year.  That’s a fraction of the time I spent in there.  Prior to that, you two were one being for the entirety of that 120 years of time.  Also, it’s why your memories have gaps except when you are fused with me, and why you don’t remember your time in breach.  Though to say that it’s normal to remember being in breach would be in err”, Sylphie says with a playful confident tone.  Fallon faces towards the blanket with surprise replacing the irritation that was on it before.  “I think… I think I actually vague remember being in breach alone for a period of about a year”, she says still looking down.

“There’s nothing to worry about, Mom.  There’s no way you’d know about memories that existed while we were fused”, Sylphie says to which me and Fallon become confused.  “Mom”, we say in unison.  Sylphie takes finishes a deep drink of her wine and set it down while giggling, “Oh, sorry.  Being fused I forget that you two don’t know about my experiences, or thoughts.  While I was in breach, and when I realized I was a fusion of your consciousness, I started calling you two, Mother.  We were in breach for so long that I formed my own unique and independent identity which emerges when we are merged.  In that sense, you are my mothers… Or mother and father, or… Wait.. Would you be my ‘Fama’ and ‘Ohma’?  This is confusing.  See… I’m a chimera, and you are my parent beings… But we fuse and diffuse… But I am me, and you are not me… We have different minds, but my mind is in your minds… And… And…”, Sylphie stops talking with an extremely befuddled look on her face.  She then grabs sandwiches out of the basket that are cut in half diagonally with the crusts cut off, and hands two halves to me and then to Fallon.

I take a bite into the sandwich and it has a zesty salad dressing it in, with ham, baby spinach and sliced pickled carrots in it.  It makes my eyes tear up a bit, but it tastes really good.  It tastes like a combination of something Amma taught me to make growing up, and something Fallon learned from her grandmother.  It’s a strange flavor, but also very savory.  And then something pops into my mind and compels me to speak, “Well technically Sylphie is a hermaphrodite, because even though me and Fallon are both women, I’m actually genetically male though not in entirety.  So you can’t call us both mom, and I would rather not have you call me dad if at all possible.”

Sylphie takes a quick nibble of the corner of her sandwich then excitedly devours the rest of the sandwich half in one gulp.  “Eureka!”, she shouts confidently and giggles a little while sipping more of her wine to wash down the sandwich.  “What?”, me and Fallon say to each other in unison.  “Well, I’m Hermaphroditus, though I am not a boy… I feel like a girl, but that’s not the point… I, or rather, we named myself Sylphie because I am a fused being, much like the mythological character.  So one of you is my Hermes, and the other is my Aphrodite.  But it doesn’t seem right to call you mother and father, and you seem to be abject to that.  So… How about I call you my “Erma” (looking at me), and you my “Dita” (looking at Fallon.”  She smiles proudly, like she just found the cure for all disease and death.  Both names seem to be equivocations of parental titles like Mother and Father, not given names per say.  I look at Fallon and she at me, and we then look back at Sylphie and nod.  “Well, that settles it.  Ha ha!”, she laughs jubilantly with rosy cheeks aglow.  She refills the wine class by touching it, and downs the glass quickly.  She actually appears to be showing some signs of being intoxicated.

Fallon pipes in with a confused face, “Um, how is it you are getting drunk in a dream?”, she asks.

“Well, you see…”, she giggles, “While I was conscious in breach I had nothing else to do.  So, I have an over developed imagination.  I had to use your memories to create realities in my mind to maintain my sanity.  Being in breach was like totally sensory deprivation in some regards, and initially I hallucinated a lot.  But then I learned how to control the hallucinations and dreams and I sort of just created my own world in my mind.  I hope one day I can build my house from the dream.  Eventually after 10 years of that the world of my dream became almost like reality.  Controlled, and governed by rules.  I built upon your experiences, living and reliving them as though they were mine.  I remixed your memories and experiences inside my mind in order to get by.  Some days it was tough.  Though I’d say a lot of the stuff I created in my mind came from the shows Erma watched, and her imagination.  She is the artistic one after-all.  Oh, and I had to give you two new names.  Because I am both you, and not you, it’s impossible for me to say your names without it being internally confusing.  Dita you are creative, but you are far more concrete.”

“But that still doesn’t really explain being intoxicated”, Fallon responds.  “You’re missing the point, Dita.  I have all of your experiences, and all I have to do is recreate those sensations in my mind to make them real.  I can control that state, both in physical form, and in lucid dreaming, silly”, she retorts with a playfully condescending tone and a smile.  Fallon crinkles her brow and scratches her forehead.  She eats more of her sandwich and sit there seemingly muddling over this feature.  “Sorry, Dita.  That’s the influence of Erma’s mind on my own.  She understands it well, and while you feel you have somewhat of a grasp on it, your rational mind rejects it in some way.  So here (she touches Fallon’s glass with her finger turning it into glass of wine like her’s), try it”, she says while looking on with a calm supportive smile.  Fallon picks up the wine glass hesitantly and sips it, “Hey this is…”, when she is interrupted by Sylphie, “I know.”  Fallon downs the glass quickly and set it down then closes her eyes for a moment as if waiting for something to happen.  Sylphie reaches out and refills the glass, and Fallon one eye to see the refilled glass.  She opens the other eye and pinches her lips together while lifting the glass and sloshing its contents around.  She treats the wine as if she is a connoisseur, smelling it before downing the second glass.  She shakes her head, and raises one brow.  She waits a minute and goes to stand up but falls back onto her bottom.  She giggles a little and says, “Wow, this is so strange. Ha ha!  I’ve never had a drink in a dream, nor had an experience while sleeping that felt so surreal.  But, wait… How does this work.  I mean, you said we had separate minds didn’t you?”  She grins, “Dita, we share the same brain, and I am able to share my ability to imagine things with you.  But it has the potential to be a double-edged sword.  Allowing you access to this talent could cause you to lose grip with reality.  It’s only because of the stability of your minds, and your love for one another that I exist as anything other than a mental disorder in your minds.  Essentially you have a shared multiple personality, but not.  It’s strange really… Because you are only someone else when you are both me.”

“So wait, that means that you know everything about us…”, I say back to her while thinking deeply about this subject.  Then I start to feel embarrassed a little, and blush a little, “That means you know about the times me and Fallon…” I say to her.  Fallon’s eyes go wide and she also blushes and looks at the ground, “Oh wow… But… Um… But, technically you are us, so… I guess… I guess it’s okay.”

Resonating with Fallon, Sylphie also blushes a little, “Well, I guess it’s a little weird for your offspring to know such intimate details about your relationship.  Hell I even remember what it feels like when Alira touches your…”  She is interrupted by Fallon lunging across her sandwich and clasping her hand over Sylphie’s mouth.  “Shhhh…  Di, di, di don… Don’t talk about that…”, Fallon says while panting a little, “Gees, girl…”  I smirk a little and look at Sylphie, “How what feels like when I touch it?”, I ask.  Fallon’s face is now beet red, and Sylphie starts trying to talk, but Fallon repositions herself where she is on top of her tickling her.  She just flails around giggling hysterically, unable to speak through the spasms of being tickled by Fallon.  “You were always good at that”, I say laughing at the display.  It reminds me of the times she’d tickle me like that when I’d say something that would embarrass her, or just incite that response out of her.  After a few moments Sylphie calls out, “Stop, stop… I give… Hee, hee, hee!”  Panting now, Fallon sits straddling her with her arms crossed, “Humph!”   She stand up and pulls Sylphie back up to a sitting position and sits back down next to me, “You’re next if you try that again.”  She pokes me in the rib making me let out one ticklish laugh while looking at me with her face off to the side.  Sylphie refills her glass again, and downs her other sandwich and washes it down by drinking the all the wine.  She lets out a satisfied gasp, and smiles drunkenly at me and Fallon.  She sighs, “Well, it’s time to go.  I’ll see you in the morning”, she says with a giggle.  She stands up and walks away and the dream whites out and goes dark.

We wake up with Dr. Arisdottir standing over us shinning a flashlight in our eyes.  It’s morning and we are likely already descending over Iceland’s hyper advanced capital of Reykjavik.  We are fused again, I am Sylphie and we are not separate minds like we were while we were sleeping last night.  The nurse is looking away for a moment when we finally normally open our eyes on our own, “Það virðist sem þeir ar aftur á meðan þeir voru sofandi. Í bláæð slöngur dvaldist í, en þeir fengu tvöfaldan skammt af róandi lyfjum. Þeir virðast í lagi”, she says.  Looking down at us seeing we are awake, “Barn, you are awake.  You fused again while you were sleeping, and got a double dose of the sedatives, but overall you seem fine.  We are preparing to land in half an hour, and we’ll take you and your friends to Foreign Affairs Minister.”

“How long was I asleep for”, we say.  “Um about fjórtán klukkustundir.  Um, hours… 14 hours”, she responds.

We roll forward and throw our legs over the edge of the bed.  I sense almost innately that part of me want to sleep while part of me wants to wake up.  Even though we are much more in sync now than we were, there is still moments where our body make it feel as if we are trying to do a 3-legged race.  Except for the fact that their seems to be 3 of us in here, there is an alarming amount of unity.  Perhaps that’s all a by-product of what… “Erg, that’s… dammit.   When we’re fused we can’t say each others names.”  The nurse looks up at us through a pair of digital reading glasses and says, “That’s interesting.  So you’re saying when you exist in Sylph Form then you can say things associated with separate identities?  It’s strange that there is two people in there, but one mind.  Not multiple personalities.”  She shrugs and pinches her lips off to the right side, then placing her tablet against her chest she walks back into her office, “Hmmm”.  We just sit there bemused.  We look at our feet, and are startled when Bjorn and Danielle come in the room.  We look immediately at Bjorn for he is the first to speak.  “Wait… Sylphie?  I see… I was expecting to see a well rested Fallon and Alira in here”, Bjorn says.

Danielle pushes forward from around Bjorn’s side, almost as if she is inspecting us.  She rounds the side of the bed we are hanging from, and looks deeply and inquisitively into our eyes, making us a bit nervous.  The then burst into a giggle, and begins to speak, “Well, you’re both still in there I see.  Ha ha.  I saw you a little bit while you were sleeping after the Sleipnir, but you were so foreign and unfamiliar to me.”  We say back, “We can understand that.  I, um… Sylphie understands.  We are both here.”  She glares at us a little while holding a bit of a suspicious smile, “How did you get fused in your sleep?  What exactly did you do?” She seems to be insinuating we did something to end up like this.  “No we just went to sleep and woke up like this”, we retort quickly and defensively.  She just chuckles and reaches out her hand to touch Erma’s face like she always did, both before breach and after.  Something strange happens when her hand touches my face.  Fallon’s body is thrusted apart of my own and over on her side on the edge of the bed, and I am sitting there with Danielle still touching my face.  “I don’t know if I can call you Amma anymore, Danielle”, I say to her realizing at that moment it was my unfused voice again.  She just stands there for a moment, hand still on my cheek, startled.  The then smiles and giggles again, placing her free hand on the other side of my cheek, “Well, I see that one side of you still thinks of me very fondly”, she says.

“What do you mean?”, I say to her, then stop because on some innate level I just recognized that people with whom either me or Fallon has “unique” experience of can cause us to split.  “No, I think I know exactly what you’re saying”, I add.

“Every time someone of unique meaning to us comes in contact with us, it causes our identities to fissure again breaking the fusion.  Is that what you mean, Danielle?”, I inquire to her with a curious face.  She giggles again, “All scientist, all the time, eh?  You always analyze things even when you, in your heart, know what they are.  You are a strange kitten, Alira.  Strange indeed.  Analytically emotional, always trying to explain things rationally while being so easily overwhelmed by how you feel.”  Damn it, Amma… She always does this to me… I start crying pressing my face even more so into her hand against my right cheek.  “But… but… You know… “, I say as the gentle cry streaks my face with tears.  “You always were quick to cry, Alira”, she says then wrapping me up in her embrace… All I can do is put my arms around her and whimper into her shoulder… “You’re right though”, I mumble into her shoulder in a way that’s only intelligible to her.  “I know, sweetheart, I know”, she says in the gentle, motherly way she always does, “And I know you believe it is I who’ve always been there to help you, but it is really you that has always held me together.”  I pull my face away from her embrace, “What do you mean?”

She sniffles a little bit, though she doesn’t appear to have cried at all, “Well, when your Grans died I was all alone.  You were the only child in the family who was still young enough that I could baby them.  Most the other children were already off other places.  Your father was my youngest child, remember?  They all went off, and had their own lives… You and Mark were really the only ones who always showed for holidays, or sometimes at random just because you missed me.  But Mark got married and you were the only one after that.  And then that last time you failed to get into NASA you got so sad.  But you always tried to stifle it for my sake.  I don’t know if you remember anymore, child, but you’d curl up next to me with your head on my should or lap, and just cry for no reason sometimes… It was an ambivalent feeling.  I was happy that you were so close to me, but also sad because I could feel something eating away inside you.  Sad that all I could do was be comforting when you were hurting so much.  You always pretended you hadn’t been crying, but I knew”, she kind of trails off as she finishes.  “Wait… Grans died before rapture?”, I say to her.  “Yes”, she says solemnly, “Yes, he did.  I didn’t think you’d remember it.  It wasn’t long after I met you that he passed, so you didn’t know him well.  And well, Blue Tempest Syndrome is known for making obscure memories impossible to get access to.  You became like my little stray cat.  You followed me around, though you were fiercely independent.  But you always came back, and you were always affectionate.  You just really needed someone who could let you be yourself, and also be there to love you.  I don’t feel you mom had much time to be around you, working all the time.  I know she loved you, but sometimes I fear it hurt her to see you.  She was a bit more warm to you after you became a young girl, and you stopped looking like your father.”

“You know, I think you may be right.  I still remember some things about my mom, but most of it’s really a haze.  And we can’t know if she made it to present times.  I think she dated a lot after I graduated and moved out, which is why she bought me that car”, I said with unsureness in my voice.  “Oh God, kiddo… I could have had a heart attack that day you drove me to the station.  That car was falling apart, and Minnesota winters are not a walk in the park…”, Amma say then laughs aloud to with me.  Bjorn chimes in, “Well, I don’t mean to interrupt your walk down memory lane, but we are going to be disembarking to Reykjavik Military Plaza very soon, so we need your group to secure yourselves in the seating in the bays.”

Danielle responds, “Yes, you’re quite right.  Well, kiddies, lets see our new home.”  She helps me off the bed, while Fallon hops down, “Hmm, you’ve lost some weight.”  The nurse pops out of the office at hearing this, and comes over to us.  “Did you just say that she’s lost weight?”, she says.  Danielle says to her as she steps out of the way, “Yeah, I did”.  “Alira, Fallon Stand in one of the purple squares on the floor”, she says.  She pulls a control panel on a crane and pushes some buttons… This is the first time we’ve noticed something was off…  I look over at Fallon, and she’s right at eye level… I feel confused, but then I hear the doctor gasp from behind me.  We both turn to her as she begins, “You’re both the same weight now… 52.23 kg.  You were 47.6 kg and 57.86 kg last night, respectively.  (She looks over to us, and presses a button that makes laser light shine out from the wall that looks like a holographic grind moving down our bodies.)  As I thought, your physical dimensions are almost exact now.  Rather than being 166 and 172 cm you are both now 169 cm.”

“How is that possible”, me and Fallon say in unison.  “Well, you’re the first people to have ever fused into one body.  It’s unprecedented, so we don’t know why or what will happen.  Medically there is no reason to alarm, your bodies appear just as they did, accept that Fallon’s body not contains more of Alira’s genetic material than it once did.  Otherwise you seem fine, and healthy”, she concludes.  All of a sudden as we are discussing the matter we feel a sudden wave of vertigo as the ships inertial system is overwhelmed by Earths gravity.  We are still standing mostly upright, but with the ships path of descent it feels like we are standing on a tilt.  Gravity feels like it trembles for a moment as the ship levels out.  “It’s time”, says Bjorn.  We follow Danielle and Bjorn out of the room and I can see morning sunlight pouring through the portholes down near the lift.  As we exit the sick bay, I feel Fallon touch my back and latch on to my shirt.  All the way down the hallway she holds on to me like that, even into the lift where she scoots around to stay behind me.  I can’t say I’ve ever cling to me like this with that vague worried and lonely expression on her face.  But somehow this strange nostalgia tugged at the back of my mind, and the borders of a memory I couldn’t quite recall.  It’s like that when you have amnesia.  Sometimes all it takes is a smell, a taste or the way a place looks and you’re taken back to a place you can’t quite remember… Trapped in an inexplicable sense of deja vu.  It’s disorienting.  “What’s that smell”, I say to Bjorn.  “Ah, when we hit the stratosphere we begin the air exchangers and start pulling in air from the outside to replace the air in the tanks.  You’re smelling brisk Icelandic air from one of the only zero emission nations in the world.  To be honest, if it hadn’t been for the calamity, I think we might all have been.  But fossil fuels are the drivers of war and conquest.”  Bjorn signs with disgust in his brows.

The lift stops and Fuel is standing in the door way.  He quickly pulls me into one of the seats closest to the lift, and notices how Fallon is clinging on to me.  He then moves me over another seat so that Fallon can sit on my left side.  He fastens her in place as well, and says, “Prepare for a rough ride ladies.”  Fallon looks at him with a concerned face and he adds, “We are going to be changing from 4 miles per second to 40 miles per hour in the course of 30 seconds.  Inside of Earth’s gravity , even with dampening fields it’s going to be a rough few seconds.”

Fallon just looks at me, and grabs my hand.  Bueller sits down and fastens him self in.  Partridge is there balled up in her seat, already afraid of our deceleration.  He eyes look like she’s been crying, and her nostrils look raw.  Emilia is sitting next to her trying to comfort her, but we are all still at a loss as to what is really going on.  Dawson seems to keep eying me, and then quickly glancing away every time I look at him.  There is a very strange feeling in the air with the outside air now cycling through.  By this point we’d been on the ship for nearly a day and a half, breathing mostly recycled air, or tank stored air… It was refreshing if not also eerie.  It’s not that the air was stale, just that it smelled very sterile.  The ship air was also purified, and cleaned of excess carbon dioxide via a special kind of algae scrubber, as well as having pure oxygen, and stored planetary air as a back up.  There was also back up lime scrubbers.  You could see the panels for them on the walls of every hallway at ever junction near the ventilation system at the bottom of the wall.  But as long as the algae was healthy and illuminated by the ships photon reactor then they were unneeded.  The algae was engineered to have a sort of minty smell to it, but you could still smell a light algae odor.  The air smelled good, but fresh air smelled better.  The bay doors began to rattle and we felt the G-forces of the ship pitching up to fire retro thrusters… Even with the dampeners it felt like all the blood in body was rushing towards the floor.  My hand, still holding Fallon’s was pinned to the arm rest as the vigorous vibration shock the craft.  I was starting to feel a little bit of nausea rising in me, and a little dizziness, but I did all I could to fight it.

I’d never felt such intense g-forces in my entire life, not even the time I rode a jet-propelled rail-cart and a theme park.  I could feel the vibration and intense forces throughout my entire body, and it nearly made my bones ache.  Just as my lightheadedness started to get more severe the descent dramatically slowed, and the craft pitched back level.  I you could see sunlight shining through the windows behind us.  Though I could feel the craft turn, I could see the light change angles until it was eventually coming through the other side windows 260 degrees around the bay.  “Are you okay”, I ask Fallon.  She is trembling, sweating and her palms are clammy, but she turns to me and nods…  “Yeah, I’m just a little…”, she shuts her eyes for a moment, “Yeah… I’m fine… Don’t worry.”  We start to feel a little weightless, like how you feel when you go down an elevator.  The descent stops, and the room shutters and creaks a little as the weight on the landing struts distributes through the superstructure.  The bay crew instructs us that we can unstrap and leave our seats…  I undo mine, Rush next to me undoes his own and I help Fallon up… She is shaking a little but she is able to stand on her own.  The blasts of releasing gases go off on the bay seals, and the hydraulics kick in lowering the loading ramp, and open the upper door.  This room is big enough for a tank, a couple of cars, or one of their fighters.  Dawson looks like he is going to vomit again, and Rush falls into my back a little, and uses my shoulder to hold himself up.  “Sorry, Cadet… Um… I mean, sorry Roe…  I guess we really aren’t… you know… Anyhow, we should get a move on.

Bjorn, the yeoman, and the doctor appear by the lift with 2 other unidentified staff members and begin to escort us down the ramp.  The ramp is grooved metal to help with gripping it with the soles of our boots as we walk down it.  There is a very tall, gentle-looking woman who appears to be in her 30’s dressed in a white outfit resembling that of a politician, or business woman, but very science-fictionesque.  (So cliché, I think to myself).  Behind her there is 2 women and 4 men standing there who look like members of her staff.  Suddenly a glass automatic door opens behind her an android emerges and brings the tall woman a holographic PDA more advanced than the others I’d seen on the ship.  It’s early morning still and the light is brightly reflecting off of the sides of this white building.  It’s blinding.  I step out onto the pad and there is wind blowing much like what you’d feel on the top of a building.  As my eyes adjust to the light I can see we are perched on a landing pad of a gigantic pyramid-shaped building, that has to be at least 50 floors high.  There are trees and patches of grass growing on balcony platforms all over it, and small solar farms… As I look, I realize we are in a massive city.  There are other white pyramid buildings, as well as classical skyscrapers…

There is a strange, white spike like church next to a smaller pyramid, which is dwarfed by it and all the other buildings around it.  I see part of a larger superstructure around the city, and it’s as I exit it that I realize they are large struts for a large platform almost 1000m above us… There is a few buildings protruding from the bottom of it, and it seems there is cars diving up and on it and up the giant, 45-degree-angled, curved struts for the structure above. There is lanes of flying vehicles flying through to air and between buildings, even one lane going right above us…  Bjorn looks back at me for a moment with a smile from seeing out awestruck myself and our friends are at seeing Reykjavik for the first time… It really does look like some place ripped right out of a sci-fi novel.  Even while I write all this down to tell my story I remember it with awestruck glory.  The woman walks up to Bjorn, “Well, you old ocelot… Where have you been hiding.”  She smiles gently at him while he replies, “Well, you know me Roshelle…  (She clears her throat and nudges him), Ah… (he chuckles).  Chancellor Umbrage.”  The smile returns to her face, as out of the corner of my eye I see another ship landing on a near by pad.  It’s the Sleipnir, and in the morning light it looks a little worse for wear than when I first laid eyes on it.  She’s wearing old-fashioned frame-less spectacles with some sort of display in the upper right corner of the right lens.  She looks vaguely like my 3rd grade teacher when I think about it now… But I remembered that I heard she’d died, or disappeared at some point after I left that school.  I tried to look her up in Junior High, but never found out what happened.

A black suited man with a cybernetic arm comes out the door and taps her on the shoulder.  She presses a few buttons on the PDA, and hands it to the man who promptly presses his finger to a neck mic, speaks something unintelligible into it.  He then salutes her, and she just nods after which he promptly runs inside the building.  “So…”, Bjorn says to the Chancellor.  “Oh, my sincerest apologies… Yes, your request is completely in order, but I decided to come and welcome them myself”, she winks at him.  Bjorn grunts, “I knew this wasn’t standard procedure.  Ha.”  His laugh is very nervous, perhaps overtly so to others besides me.  She motions to the two women on either side of us, and the advance forward and one by one begin handing us what look to be security badges with a red “T” on them, and Icelandic Temporary Visa Identicards.  They have a small black part with a thumb reader on it, and the entire card aside from the corner with the electronics is transparent OLED.  When I press my thumb against the reader it displays my biographical data and a rotating head shot of my body.  I accidentally touch clear plastic and realize it’s also an interface.  When I press on my photo it flips the display sideways showing a full body view.

There is a green arrow on the right of the bottom of the display, and a grayed out arrow on the other side pointing in the opposite direction.  I press the green button and it’s a full body scan of Sylphie while she was asleep.  I press the ID button to return to the previous screen and I notice that there is Sylphie’s identification information on that one.  I turn to Fallon, “Hey look at this…”  She props her head over my shoulder, which she couldn’t do before… She gasps, “How’d you do that?”  I press the sequence of keys again, and she does the same.  She also has Sylphie’s ID card data.  We look over at Bjorn, and he looks back and shrugs.  We stow our cards as Roshelle begins to speak again, “So who is the one I have to thank for the successful recovery of the Sleipnir and her crew?”

“Ah, Rosh… Um, Chancellor, it was these two here?”, he motions her to me and Fallon, and she approaches us…  She seems perplexed, “But I heard it was one woman who did it?  There is two girls here, and neither look like the images…”  Bjorn stutters for a moment, clears his throat, and replies, “Well, um… you see… Perhaps we should discuss this matter inside.”

“I see”, she sputters.  She sighs and looks at Bjorn with a ‘you better have a good explanation for this’ face.  “Well, I guess it can’t be helped”, she says while pulling what looks like a medal from her pocket… She chuckles, “Sorry, let’s get you inside and get you something warm to drink, you look cold”, she says to Fallon who is shivering with teeth chattering.  She takes off her white jacket and places it around Fallon and has her and her staff escort us inside.  The interior is very modern, and every room and office wall is made of class that can be made opaque with the flip of a switch.  Some of the rooms have OLED displays in the glass that are on, and you can see the light from others from behind the opaque glass.  “This way”, she beckons while motioning to a white conference room in the corner with glass shelves on every wall, potted plants on every shelf and a fountain continuously pouring over them into a rock basin underneath.  We sit down, but it really feels like something you’d see in a rich persons dining room.  The walls of this room are solid wood, unlike the offices.  There is a clear glass pane in front of us that goes opaque when her staff flips the switch.  A computer display appears on it, and a computer desktop appears with a generic wallpaper for the background.  Bjorn takes a seat on the right side closest to the screen.  Fallon sits next to me, and every one else sits on the other side of the table.  her staff takes the seats closest to the Chancellor on the right side of the table.  Once seated she touches some icons on a small screen on her seat mounted screen at the end of the table.  “So, to the matter at hand”, she says and with a flick of the wrist she throws the digital images up on the main screen with one displayed in front of us on the table, though smaller.  The man in the black suit comes and closes the door and stands guard inside.

Bjorn chuckles uncomfortably and scratches his head, “Ha ha… Um… Where do I start.”  She clears her throat and closes her eyes with her fist balled up over her mouth.  Upon opening her eyes and relaxing her hand again, “Don’t stall me, Bjorn.  I’m a busy chancellor… I have lots of things to do today, and this isn’t exactly a matter I want to waste too terribly much time with…”, she says with a firm and authoritative tone.  She smirks with the strength of said authority at Bjorn.  Bjorn is sweating, but I don’t understand why.  He looks like a nervous school boy, and he chuckles nervously again when I stand up and interrupt him, “You’re asking the wrong person… Umm…. Madam Chancellor.”  I am so anxious hoping I used proper etiquette in the process.  Her brows softens and a genuine and gentle smile sweeps over her face, “Okay then, tell me what you know…”

I look down and Fallon, and she already knows what I am thinking.  She stands up, and we pull each other into each other for a kiss.  I feel this tingling pull towards her body, but we don’t seem to be fusing.  “Um, that’s really cute and romantic, KA…”, the chancellor begins then quickly stops as the light from the fusion process illuminates the room.  I can feel Fallon’s anxiety and fear melt into me, and mellow.  “We are Sylphie.  Er… I am Sylphie”, we say to Chancellor Umbrage.  “Eh, w-w-what just h-happened”, she stutters in amazement, “Wait, you’re the girl from the picture… So wait… What?  What are you?”  Hmm, we murmur to yourself, “Well, we are the fusion of Dita and Erma.  Um that’s the names we gave to our parent body that fused to make us…”  The chancellor’s face becomes very inquisitive, “So which of the two girls is Dita and Erma?”  We stare at the ceiling, unable to find an easy answer to that.  Bjorn is also confused.  “Well, you see… The male side is Erma, from the God Hermes, and Dita is the female side from the Goddess Aphrodite”, we say to her with conviction.  She seems even more confused, so she brings up F… F… Fuck… We can’t even think of our names outside of fusion.  She is looking at Dita and Erma’s profiles, and upon looking at Erma’s she makes a humming noise, and appears surprised.  “She’s a transsexual.  I see now… So Alira is Erma, and Dita is Fallon”, the chancellor says calmly.  “Yes”, we nod to affirm.  She takes her glasses off and messages the bridge of her nose with her fingers, and then puts the glasses back on.

She pushes a button on the console to send for Dr. Arisdottir, and their facility’s doctor to get a further information on this.  We stand in front of the table near Bjorn with a confident smirk, and our hands on our hips, “Ahem.”  Everyone stops doing what they were doing to look up.  “Who here has scars on their body, with a show of hands”, we say with intense confidence.  Everyone except Partridge raises their hands.  Taking in a deep breath we send out a blast of white energy hitting everyone, and only those in the room with it… A few made sounds or gasps with shock from the blast.  The light dims to normal, and we begin again, “Check your scars now!”.  We smirk almost arrogantly at the people in the confidence room, and the evidence of what we did becomes clear to everyone… Fuel states first, “The scar on my arm is completely gone”, he exclaims.  The chancellor adds, “Indeed, as are mine.  I feel off a horse when I was young and gave my self a spiral fracture in my lower arm.  The bones scarred my arm quite noticeably, but now there is not a mark on me”.  Rush chimes in from across the table, “I… Um… Can’t check mine here…”  He laughs nervously, everyone is chattering now and discussing areas on their bodies where their used to be scars that are now gone.  “Even my sunspots are gone”, retorts the older of the 2 female aides that came in the room with us.

As the nature of my power begins to settle into their minds, the tone of the entire room changes… We stand there, as if we are a superheroine who just saved the planet.  Proud, strong, we’d even beg to say unstoppable.  “How?”, the chancellor says in a soft my curious tone.  “I don’t know the answer to that question”, we say, ” I just know that our powers combine to give us trancer abilities that go far beyond anything a Tier-3 can do.  And, it was only at this moment that I figured out I could do that.  We only realized the nature of our fusion yesterday.  I spoke with Erma and Dita about this last night, through a dream.  It’s when I started calling them Erma and Dita.  They are my parents, so I have their talents.  That’s all I know.”  We smile and nod our head to the chancellor in a proud, puerile way.

“Fascinating.  So, that was how you saved the crew of the Sleipnir.  Interesting…”, Roshelle says aloud, but almost as if she was talking to her self.  “These girls are not ordinary tempests, which was really hard to convey in my report, Madam Chancellor”, Bjorn says.  We look at him and he seems lost in thought, when his face lights up with genius, “Eureka!”, he exclaims jubilantly.  He stands up and looks at us, “From this point on, I shall call you Urd from the legends of the three sister goddess.  I was thinking since you fused that I’d call you Skuld, but from what the doctor said, it would appear you’d been fused while you were in breach already, so I decided on Urd.  And Alira, I shall call her Verdandi, and Fallon I shall call Skuld.  The three of you are like incarnations of the trio Norse Goddesses.”  The chancellor’s face seems to agree with this sentiment, “Indeed, you do seem to be powerful, almost goddess like in many ways…”

“But, we do seem to have more than enough names as is, though I do not…”, we say then continue, “I see… We shall be known as Sylphie Urd from now on… Hmmm, but what about our last name… Shall I take Roe… Or shall I take Rutger… I don’t know…”  The guard seems antsy from out of the corner of my eye.  We all turn our eyes to him, including the chancellor who motions him to speak, “Well… We could always choose your name in Icelandic format.”  His accent is really think, but I think I understand that notion.  He speaks again, “What is your father’s name?”  “Well…  We don’t have a father, we only have Erma who is the male half of us.”, we respond.

‘Erma is your parental name? Or what it Alira?  Alira… Do you consider yourself male, or female?”, he inquires further.

“We… err… Well, what do we look like to you?  We were born of two women’s minds.  What would that make us to you?”, we ask him back.  “I see, I see.  Then your name should be Sylphie Urd Alirasdottir.  It’s Icelandic for being the daughter of Alira.  Or since your parents are both women, you could call yourself Sylphie Urd Fallonsdottir”, he finishes with an awkward smile.  “Sylphie Urd Alirasdottir”, we state with our hand on our chin and a contemplative face, “I think I like that one.  Sylphie Urd Alirasdottir.  We agree with that conclusion.  That’ll be our name from now on.  But, you can call me Urd, or Sylphie.  I do not mind.”  Our ears begin to ring, and waves of sweat begin to roll down our backs.  We double over from the weird feelings of weakness that have suddenly wracked our body.  “I don’t feel right… Something is wrong…”, we say as we begin to get cold sweat and shiver.  No matter how much we try to focus our power we can not stabilize the terrible ache that is forming, nor the trembling.  We double over to the floor, “What’s going on.  I can’t stand anymore.”  Our vision goes dark, and we are no long able to control this body… “I’m losing consciousness”, we say as we collapse onto the floor and everything fades out.

To be continued…