Sleipnir – Episode 19

I was always an anxious child, and it took very little to put me on edge.  Even though the party continued, the place seem grey, and I felt this deathly buzz in my chest.  I’m sure anyone reading my journal will wonder if I ever had a calm moment in my life.  I guess this can’t be helped, this is how I am.  Or perhaps, at the moment, it’s the alcohol speaking.  “Hey girly, I’m sleepy, we should head to bed now…  And who knows, you may get a surprise”, Fallon says drunkenly.

“Ah, wait…”, says the Yeoman while shuffling around in his jacket, “Here, we changed your room arrangements after we got the word.  Just wave this key-card in front of the blue panel and it will open your door.  Til hamingju.”  Fallon yanks the card out of his hand and almost falls into him with a smirk, “Thanks, um, guy… Um… Mr. Pale person.”  She sticks the card on my lips as if she wants me to carry it in my mouth, but instead it falls down my shirt into my bra, peaking up just above the neckline.  “WHEEEE! HAHAHAHA!”, she squeals as she pops my wheelchair back and races it out the door.  Just pulls back on it as she rides it in free-motion making it pop up on only the back wheels.  She’s giggling hysterically all the way down the hall to the lift.  In the elevator she is unable to stop moving and is dancing to the elevators music.  She spins the wheel chair around as if dancing with it making me queasy.

“Whao, Fallon… You’re going to make me hurl if you keep that up”, I say to her.

“Oooo, that’s hot!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!”, she giggles and then coughs from laughing too hard.

We arrive at the room and she’s hanging over me, “Do you have the key?  HAHAHAHA!”  She reaches in to kiss me deeply while pulling the card out from my bra.  Upon retrieving it she waves it over the panel and slyly grins at me giggling again.  Wheeling me inside she attempts to pick me up off the chair and toss me on the bed.  She ends up falling on the bed instead letting out an “Oomph” as my body falls back and lands on top of her stomach.  I roll off of her and she starts giggling ever so slightly to her self, then starts to feel me up with her hands.  She reaches in for another drunken smooch, and I can taste the beer on her breath.   But my body has been slightly more stimulated by the booze and the kiss feels a bit more overwhelmingly sexual than I am used to.  She rolls off me and on to her back, and puts her arm around me from under my neck.

She starts making buzzing sounds with her lips and now I am laughing hysterically.  We laid there for what felt like 5 minutes giggling hysterically until we were coughing with stitches in our sides.  I’d never see this side of her, but I think I was too inebriated to take it all in.  Perhaps one day.  Suddenly she just stops and falls asleep.  I curl myself up at her side and succumb to slumber myself.  I don’t know how many hours we slept together like that, but I remember waking slightly times to a mild amount of dizziness and sweating,  I finally completely awoke to the darkness of our room and a little yellow flashing light over the door.  Fallon had shove my skirt up around my hips with her knee and we each had our legs between each others.  She clutched me very tightly even though she had yet to wake up.  I unwedge my leg and pushed myself up causing her to roll onto her back.  When I stood up I could hear her rustle in her sleep like she was looking for my warmth.  I was still sort of dizzy and a had a mild headache at this point.  I look in the mirror, using the yellow flashing light to straighten out my outfit, and begin walking to the door when I hear I thud.  Fallon had, in the process of trying to find me in her sleep, rolled out of bed onto the floor.  “Ow, why’d you get up… Oh… I wonder that that’s about”, she says as she wipes the sleep from her eyes.

“I, um… I didn’t… you know… Do anything to you while we were drunk… Did I?”, she asks with a note of concern in her voice.  I shake my head, “Nope, you assed out as soon as we got back to the room.  We should go see what’s up.  I have a strange feeling about all of this”, I respond.  She reaches out her hand for aide to get off the floor.  She straightens her uniform, and follows me out the door.  The yellow lights are flashing all the way down the hall, and the overhead lights are off, leaving only the ambient floor lighting on.  It gives the halls a very mysterious, almost eery air to them.  Not sure where to go, we walk in the direction that the light flashes seem to be going and look around the corner.  As I press my hand against the corner bulkhead a holographic directory pops up.  On the directory is a map of the ship.  From the compartmentalization of the ship, it’s obviously a lot bigger than I gave it credit for before.  There is little yellow likes that are fluctuating like waves all flowing towards a central point.  So we start to follow those yellow lights that are flashing in a special order to lead us somewhere.

“Alira, I don’t know if we should be doing this.  Why is it your are so insistent on going?”, she says while grabbing my shoulder and turning my body towards her.  “I don’t know.  I just have a strange gut feeling, and I can’t shake it.  Something is wrong… Something’s off, and I just feel this overwhelming dread pressing down on me.  I am not sure if I want to cry, scream, collapse or runaway.  I don’t know where to, but I don’t like this feeling.  I want it to stop”, I say to her while trembling a little.  She pulls me in close and hugs me while kissing my neck.  Pulling away again she says, “I don’t know what it is, but when I touch you I can feel it too.  Well, let’s go then.”  With an affirming push we walk up to the bridge doors.  It’s a double airlock door.  There is two guards on either side of the door, and as she walks up to it the woman on the right side braces her arm across her to stop her.  “Stop, you are not permitted to enter.  We are in a state of emergency, and the bridge is off-limits, even to stormur.  Please go back to your…”, says the female guard who stops abruptly to better hear an ear-bud with a red light sticking out of her ear.  The man on the left pushes the blue light on the bridge frame of his glasses to activate his lenses, and turns to the keypad and punches some series of numbers faster than I can see to open the door.  The outer door only activates first, and the female guard motions us to enter.  We both somewhat reluctantly walk in and the door closes behind us.  There is a blast of air and some sort of aerosol mix that hits us, and then the inner door opens.  The cold of the aerosol causes Fallon to flinch and let out a slight squeal.

The bridge is eerily silent, and there is a dull chatter going on among the crew.  The first officer walks up to the helmsman and says, “Taka okkur í hægur og stöðugur.”  There is a ship listing in space in front of the ship on the screen.  There are what looks like electrical burn marks all over the hull and plating and debris floating in space.  The burns come from underneath the paneling, and there appears to be other holes where electrical energy acted like a plasma cutter burned through it.  “Einhverjar mælingar frá Sleipnir? Ert þú að tína upp allir hita undirskriftir?”, says the captain.  “Neikvæð”, says the first officer.  Bjorn lets out an uncomfortable sigh.  “Alira.  Fallon.  Just the women I wanted to see.  Ensign Vanson, framkvæma handvirka skipakví, og læsa niður Visund.  As soon as we are docked, I’d like you two to go with me.  We may have injured, and you two appear to be spooked by something about that vessel.  Two good healers of your caliber couldn’t hurt”, Bjorn says before standing up and pulling a 180 to look directly at the first officer.   “Ég fara burt stjórn á brú til þín, Commander Haight”, he says.

He then turns to me and Fallon and places his hands on our shoulders and leads us back to the bridge airlock.  “We got a distress beacon from the Sleipnir during your party, and as far as we can tell something hit them.  Hit them hard.  There could be casualties in there, and you’re the only healers on board who’ve seen and can likely handle seeing that.  I didn’t want to risk my still somewhat inexperienced medical staff on this.  I know that means I am asking you to take that risk, but I know both of you have likely seen combat injuries.  Also, your lack of resistance seemed to indicate that you are keen to investigate this black fog in your minds.  In my day…”, he stops for a moment as the airlock blasts us with air and aerosols again before the door opens, “See, I can feel it too.  Back in my day I was also a paladin, and I was awfully acute to the state of being of others.  I still am, though I can no longer use my stormur.”  He took the question right out of my mouth.  “But…”, I say as he interrupts me, “The only one on the medical staff I could trust can also no longer use her stormur.  Healers are sensitive creatures, and around only 35% of all healers can handle that.  After a while, healers lose their powers from seeing horrible things.  It’s just a fact of life.  The mind can only take so much, and healer powers depend on psychic empathy.”

“I see. I was not aware of this”, I say to him somberly.  “How many casualties have you seen, fair maiden?”, Bjorn says to me as we enter the lift.  “Only 3 really, and 2 weren’t that bad and none were fatal injuries”, Fallon pipes in.  Bjorn pets her hair and Fallon kind of seems off put by the infantilizing gesture.  He looks at me, and I look at him and his face goes straight.  I look down at the floor, and I can feel a cool chill come over me as I work to recollect.

“Thousands, maybe… Maybe tens of thousands.  The temple…”, I stop and for some reason my hands I am holding out in front of me start shaking uncontrollably.

“The temple in Neo Zion was… rather busy a place”, I say clutching my hands to my chest trying to stop the salty taste in my mouth, the sweat and the trembling.  Fallon reaches out her hand ablaze in green flames and presses it against my cheek.  Her touch and energy calms me greatly, and she extinguishes her flames and retracts her hand.  Now able to breathe normally, I relax my body and turn my head up to the captain again as the lift doors open.  We step outside the lift and let the doors close.  Bjorn and Fallon begin to walk towards the airlock where there is hordes of engineers and repair crews disembarking to the damaged ship.  He stops in mid-step and turns back to me, also halting Fallon’s forward motion.

“Could you be… No… Could you be the Angel of Lower Zion?”, he says to me with an almost stunned look on his face.

I feel a light in the back of my mind come on, and somehow that statement sounds familiar.  Then it comes to me, “Maybe… I don’t remember so well.  But I think I remember a few people referring to me as something like that.  Yes.  My caretaker frequently called me Angel Aaina.”  Bjorn’s face is even more stunned now, “They say this little exile girl who was taken in by a moderate sect of Muslim Healers healed hundreds of thousands of people, and did so with a power no one had ever seen.  The first year she was there rumors were already rampant that she could not just heal, but bring the dead to life.  People claiming to have had her singularly regenerate entire limbs, something usually a team of healers did and at great effort.  They said she healed all injuries as if it was effortless.  Our homeland keeps very close tabs on Neo Zion, and the Republic of Zion.  And many refugees spoke of this legendary healer, some even claimed that she’d saved them personally from injuries that most healers could not.  Word is, that sect also became rather wealthy and gained a lot of power out of that.  I don’t know how much is true and false, but I think… No, I’m certain.  It is you, the Angel of Zion.”

“Bjorn, I am no legend.  The temple… That place… That place was a hellish nightmare.  I don’t know what stories were told of what I had done, but my treatment there was like that of a prison.  Of a slave!”, I say to him almost shouting towards the end.  “Forgive me.  I didn’t mean to upset you.  It’s just that the legend is so unbelievable, because the most our science has been able to produce comes no were near the ability the Angel of Zion is claimed to have had as a healer”, he says with a comforting voice.

He walks up to me and puts his hands on my shoulder as if a father preparing to give a pep talk.  “Borne, I am not trying to stir up bad memories, but if the things they say are true.  If it’s true, then you are of no comparison to the capabilities of other stormur.  It also means that the effect of that power is unknown to us.  Healers tend to live longer and look younger than other stormur, and even high-end healers aren’t capable of healing more than a cool thousand before their powers break down.  Moreover, I’ve never seen a stormur with a white aura.  High-end paladins have a teal/cyan plasma aura, not a white one.  High-end tacticians, like Fallon, have a yellow to golden aura, which she has.  There is no precedence for this phenomenon.  Which means, we have no idea what stress this puts on your body, nor of your capabilities.  And to be honest, with you on board, I don’t feel I could be in better hands.  So lets go, we have friends over there who need our help.”

“Okay”, say to him with a nod.  Fallon grabs my hand and leads me to the docking portal.  Bjorn grabs some weird blacks straps with chin guards from a glass case by the door.  Fallon and I enter the portal and as soon as we do we are weightless.  The air has a fowl stench of burned hair, clothing and circuit wafers.  Me and Fallon begin immediately coughing.  “Here, hold on a moment”, Bjorn says while gently trusting his body towards us.  He grabs Fallon’s shoulder and quickly lassos the black band around her head, with the red rimmed device situated on her chin.  He pushes a button on it, and the red light turns green and erects a small, mask-like shield over her face.  “Is that better”, he asks to which she gives and affirming nod.  He grabs me and does the same, and as he does I can start to breathe easier, as if I am wearing an oxygen mask.  There is particulates that look like loosed aluminum foil floating in the corridors, and the weightlessness is very disorienting.  My stomach is a little uneasy because of it.  I can no longer smell the stench in the air.  We advance up the corridor towards the bridge and as we round a corner we see it.  There are corpses floating in the hallway.  It’s the crew.  They have electrical burns all over their clothing, and second and third degree burns all over their skin.  I feel a tension pain in my diaphragm.  I float up to one of them and take a pulse.  “He’s dead, Bjorn.  It looks like they were all cooked, almost as if from the inside out”, I say to him.  Fallon is horribly shaken by all of this, and she clings to Bjorn’s arm.  Her face is very pale.

“This looks like the damage from a DEW.  A very powerful directed energy weapon.  But who could have done this”, the captain says with a very strangely agitated tone in his voice.  “Iceland is the only country with the kind of firepower to do this to the Sleipnir, a battleship.  And we’ve never had a friendly fire incident, especially not one of this magnitude.  This doesn’t bode well.” he continues.

We push forward to the lift, and Bjorn opens a panel by the door.  The only light in the hallway is a few flickering lights that aren’t completely damaged, and the Earth and Moonlight shining through the portholes.  Bjorn pumps the handle behind the panel and the door opens.  The lift is not there, so we float into the shaft and go up into the higher decks of the ship.  We nearly reach the bridge level, but the lift is blocking our way.  “We’re going to have to use one of the emergency bulkheads in the crew quarters.  He opens another panel and manually opens the door again.  I feel that painful sensation in my chest again, the feeling you get when you feel death.  When you feel pain from losing someone you love.  We move up the corridor using the wall railings and floor handles to approach the emergency bulkhead.  I see a woman’s body floating in a different direction from the emergency bulkhead at this T-shaped hallway intersection.  “The emergency bulkheads were put in place so that we could open emergency portals between the decks.  They lie as specific hall intersections, and are removed by blowing the emergency bolts.  Let’s hurry.  We should try to recover the ships systems to speed the repairs and recovery”, Bjorn says while facing away.  For some reason I am compelled to approach the body of the woman floating in the hallway.  She is wearing a nurses outfit, but not one of Icelandic military design.  I can’t see her face, but a dreadful familiar feeling comes over me.  “Alira, the bulkhead is this way.  These people are burned to badly to heal, and we need to find survivors first”, Bjorn shouts to me.

I am not floating directly in front of the body which is facing away from me.

I’m terrified to find how who this person was who was killed when the ship was attacked.

My chest feels heavy and I can’t breathe…

From behind I can feel Fallon touch my shoulders, “Alira, we can’t help them anymore, we need to move on.”

“She must have been a refugee.  This ship was rescuing people from Neo Zion before it dropped out of contact.  It’s shameful and monstrous for whomever did this.  Come on, we have work to do”, Bjorn says from behind me, “We’ll make funeral arrangements when we return to Iceland.”

There is a burning anxiety in my chest, and I reach out my hand to turn this woman so that I can see who it is.

“Oh no… Noo…”, I murmur to myself…

My blood grows cold, tears well up in my eyes as I begin to cry…

“DANIELLE!”, I scream at the top of my lungs while droplets of my tears pass through the masks shielding and float away.

My whole body aches as I cry out wailing screams of pain.  I pull her head against my neck and hold her unable to quench my tears.  She is cold as ice, and totally lifeless.  “Nooooo…”, I whimper through my tears… “Noo… Please dear… Dear whatever entity, God, whatever there is out there… Why… Why damn it.  What the fuck is wrong with you, Universe.  WHY!”

I feel this strange tremble come up from inside me, and my body grows hot.  It feels so hot like I am going to catch fire, and I can feel electricity from Fallon’s hands.  Time seems to stop for a moment, and my thoughts go blank.

I can no longer feel Fallon behind me, and I feel… Different… Somehow.  I feel a power pain surge up from my belly, and spread to my chest, head and limbs… I try to hold it, but I can no longer bear it.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”, I let out a scream, and everything goes white….  I black out…  Thoughtless, and empty.  As I fade away I can feel the lingering surges of energy pulsating from my skin.

I can feel people carrying me…. Touching me… Examining me.  There is a strange air of confusion, and disorientation.  I can’t tell which way is up.  I feel like Fallon is there with me, and I feel like she is talking to me, but I can’t feel or see her.  I feel different… Strange… As if there is things in my mind that weren’t there before.  I wake up to a hospital bed light shining in my face, and people bustling around us, and a few nurses by the bed.  “Fyrirliði, félagið er að vakna. Koma”, says the head nurse.  I see Bjorn standing over us… Wait, why am I thinking of myself in plural.  “Alira?  Fallon?  Are you in there?”, he says to us.  “Yes”, we say.  Our voices are merged together, like neither my voice nor Fallon’s.  A new voice… What’s going on.  It’s like our thoughts are swimming together.  “What’s going on.  Where are we… Where’s… Eh… Why can’t I say her name”, we say to ourselves.  We sit up.  The thoughts of plurality are confusing and jumbled.  We can’t seem to think straight, and we seem to be abundantly aware that we are merged.  The identity of Fallon and Alira is now one entity.  It’s so hard to comprehend this.  We feel each others’ thoughts all smeared together, and we can’t seem to get a grip on it.  As I try to move I feel contradictory commands being sent to my limbs, though our pulse and breathing seem synced.  There is two minds jostling for control of one body, of one form.  We can’t seem to speak to each other, as communicating internally is total chaos.  We lay back and begin to calm a bit, and begin trying to figure out how to move together.  We begin to communicate with emotions, and start to be able to move as one being, rather than two.

Our identities are still split and confused, but that chaos is subsiding.  We are starting to feel like one being as our thoughts merge into one.  “I am okay”, we say, “I think.  It’s just… Disorienting.”

“The doctor says that you have the complete essence of Alira and Fallon, just merged into one being.  A fusion of sorts.  We don’t know how, or how to separate you two.  She said your minds were in total chaos, but it seems to have calmed now. What are you?”, Bjorn asks us.  “We are them.  We can’t say the name, but we are them.  When we try to think of our identities as separate we are unable to speak our names.  You should probably give us a new name.  We can’t respond to those names, or even think of them”, we say.  Then it suddenly occurs to us, “Sylphie.  Yes… The only things in nature that can seamlessly blend with each other is air.  Slyph is mythologically linked to air.  Or the only thing we could think of.”  Suddenly our thoughts merged around this shared identity and we were able to move.  We sit up and look around the room.  “I am Sylphie”, we say while extending our hands to shake the captain’s.  Bjorn smiles with a slightly bewildered look on his face and shakes our hand.  Or should it be hands?  It’s one hand-made of us, two identities…  I feel like myself, and not like myself.  There is no longer chaos in us, and we feel this strange sense of self-love that is directed inwards at our shared body.

“We’ve never seen two stormur merge together.  Shit.  Today is a day of a lot of alarming firsts, but at least it’s a day to rejoice”, Bjorn says.  We look at him strangely, “What do you mean, Bjorn?”  He clears his throat, “Well, when you two merged, a new being was born.  A powerful trancer.  And some how you released a burst of bright white stormur energy that expanded well beyond the hull of the Sleipnir, and even encompassed the Visund.  When the light faded all the crew of the Sleipnir had been revived, to include your friend who seemed to be the catalyst for the event.  Some of them are still unconscious, but they are expected to recover.  When your energy burst forth, I sworn I’d walked through the gates of Valhalla.”  “Hmm, neither of them remember what happened.  We just went white them black, then we awaken here.  We don’t know what happened, how, or what we did.  It just happened”, we say to Bjorn.

“Well, whatever you did, we are grateful to you.  Internal sensors indicated that there were no survivors, and all the beacon signals on board were our crew.  The Sleipnir is in bad shape, but the two crews are working around the clock to get it back up and running”, Bjorn says to us with a smile.  “Danielle”, we say and suddenly we feel a divide.  My vision whites out and I feel Fallon’s mind slip away from mine.  I feel our bodies fissile apart and form back into two entities… It feels a little like static and tape being pulled from your skin.  Fallon is laying over the bed, and I am laying on the floor with Bjorn standing over me completely flabbergasted.  There are remnants of Fallon’s mind inside my own, and I feel Slyphie’s consciousness as a separate but incomplete identity within my own.  Now able to see again, I stand up and see Danielle sitting up on one of the beds at the end of the room being examined.  Her outfit is partially undone showing her shoulders and the top of her chest so the doctor can check her heartbeat.  There is a pinkish patch on her face where the tissue had been burned, and then completely healed.  I run over to her gently pushing the befuddled Bjorn out of the way, and the nurse promptly moves out of the way to let us embrace each other.  “Danielle… I’m glad you’re okay… I thought I’d lost you”, I whimper into her ear.  “Hello, kitten.  I see you missed me”, she speaks softly into my ear.  We look into each others’ tearful, but happy eyes.  Fallon comes up beside me, and as I turn to her she has a strange face and her head is tiled sideways a bit.

“For some reason, I feel like I know you”, Fallon says.  The nurse, now putting away her stethoscope says, “Well, since your minds were merged it’s possible that some of your memories are now mixed together, transferred while you shared one body for 5 hours.  Beyond that, I can’t tell you much.  There isn’t a lot of documentation for merged stormur, in fact, I don’t think there is any.  The closest thing we have is cyber-psychic linkage experiments where essentially two minds were linked electronically.  In those cases the subjects were able to remember things the other one knew and vise versa.”  Fallon chimes in again, “I don’t know… There is a bizarre familiarity just on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t find it.  But, perhaps you are right… I don’t know… I feel something poking me in the back of my mind.”  “Well, you shouldn’t worry about it too much, it doesn’t of yet seem to have any negative side effects.  Though I do wonder why Slyphie’s thoughts of Danielle caused you two to split”, the nurse adds.

Danielle refastens her clothing and stands up to introduce herself to Fallon.  “Hi, I’m Danielle.  Danielle Verde”, she says.  “Fallon Rutger”, she responds in kind.  Danielle embraces her with almost the love of a gleeful mother, “Aww, you’re so cute.”  Fallon is obviously unsure of what to do, but she eventually hugs Danielle back.  “I don’t know why though, but I feel like I’ve seen you before as well.  Here would you like a mint?”, Danielle says holding out a small opened box.  The hair stands up on my neck as I feel a strange familiarity with this gesture.  “Already have some”, says Fallon who whips out a box of her own in the same flavor.  They each partake of each others’ mints and smile at each other… The shock overwhelms my body and every hair on my head stands on end… “No way… That would be just a little too coincidental”, I say aloud in shock.  Danielle looks at me with a strange look on her face, “Are you okay, Alira?”, she says to me.  “Ah… … …”, I begin to speak but am afraid to say it.  It all feels too cliché.  Even a book writer would avoid such a bizarre “It’s a small world” cliché.  There is just no way she is who I think she is… I close my eyes and take another deep breath.  And suddenly, thinking about Danielle’s scent and character, and even her pet names it all makes sense.

“Amma!”, I say aloud.  Her face immediate transformed to shock, and he lets her arms go limp causing her mints to spill out on the ground.  Fallon is staring at Danielle.  “Verde… Verde means green in Spanish… Ms. Verde… No… That’s not right… Mrs. Green”, Fallon says still holding that wild-eyed glare.   “So… You do remember me after-all.  I’d been afraid to tell you all these years that I knew who you were.  After thinking all the people I loved were dead, I was afraid of the pain it would cause if you couldn’t remember me.  Your body was so retrograded I was sure you’d never remember.  You never said anything, but then again when we met the first time I was in nearly 63.  You didn’t know what I looked like in my 20s.  I was in my 70s when I met you…”, Danielle looks at Fallon, “Yuzu.”  That was what Amma always called Yuzuho…  Yuzu I say in my head and chuckle to myself.  I’d almost forgotten that.  “I never thought I’d get to see my sweet granddaughter and granddaughter in-law again.  This is a bittersweet reunion, indeed”, Amma says.

The head nurse chimes in from the sidelines, “Let me ask you a question.  Where you all together when you encounter blar rum?”  “They were with me when I entered breach, and Fallon was pulled in with me… Amma, err…  Danielle was there as well”, I say with confidence.  “Well, this is not surprising.  Blar rum was notorious for taking several people of close physical, or genetic relation.  Partners, spouses, parents, children, et cetera.  Though grandparents are less commonly taken.  All it takes is direct physical contact, though for genetic blending as is with you and your wife, that takes sexual intimacy”, the nurse explains with a very proper tone.  Fallon and I both blush about this a little bit, considering the nurse is talking about our former lives sexual experiences in front of my grandma.

“You probably, without realizing it, quickly developed a close bond with these two children, I take it”, the Nurse asks.

“Yes, I automatically felt a motherly bond to both of them.  To Alira more than a decade ago, and to Yuzu just now”, Amma responds.  “See, the effects of reversion in Blar Rum are rather anomalous.  It doesn’t erase neural pathways, only confuses them in a way that makes actively recalling memories difficult.  Outside of complete reversion to early infancy, the memories are still there, just buried.  It developmentally retrograded the development of the brain which jumbles the associations that come with neurological maturity.  Many people actually start to remember their former lives, with proper therapy, after they reach adulthood again.  Healers though, are a toughy, because they tend to suffer a lot of trauma which impairs recall”, the nurse explains.  “Viðgerðir eru lokið við það sem við getum stjórnað nú, kapteinn”, says the Yeoman from behind Bjorn.  He responds, “Fá okkur gangi. Senda leiðbeiningar til viðkomuhöfn, og fá á línu til utanríkismálanefnd ráðherra. Láta þá vita hvað ástandið okkar er”, and walks out of the room with the Yeoman.  Danielle grabs both mine and Fallon’s hands and pulls us towards her and sits against the end of the bed.

“I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to see both of you again.  After my husband died and the kids all moved away from home I really only had you two, both for the two years you dated and the year you were married before that God awful asteroid.  Every time I saw Alira in that temple I struggled greatly.  Her face always looked so pale, and sad.  That last time I saw you Alira (she looks at me), I cried for hours after I left.  I hated leaving you there, but I knew there was little else I could do.  My tempest was far too weak, and I far to old to join your order myself.  I was always wishing that Yuzu was there.  I don’t know if you remember this, but a few years before you met her you attempted suicide by trying to overdose on your medications.  Those years were the hardest, because every time I saw you I felt a little piece of my heart-break.  You were so sad, and lonely.  You’d date occasionally, but have many of those relationships end when you admitted to being a transsexual.  It’s hard for a mother to see those things…”

She continues while wiping away some tears, “When you met Yuzu, that glowing child in you reawakened and the grey that plagued our lives lifted.  You were always so happy when Yuzu was there.  You just had this joyous glow in your face, like nothing could touch you.  I cursed this world when I came out of breach.  I was physically 16 when I came out and I was a tier 3/2 cusp healer.  I was 23 when I met you again.  And even though you were a little child again, I had no doubt it was you.  You even had that little mole on your forehead, which I always though was cute.  But you seemed to prefer to cover it with your bangs. (She sighs)  Oh… How could I have forgotten…  I have bad news though, as much as I am happy about our reunion.  Ed was captured as we tried to escape.  (I gasp) They came after us almost as soon as you broke out and ran for the Canadian Demilitarized Zone.  Muriel got a heads up from an only friend in Zion Intelligence, but they were already dispatched by the time he found me and rushed me out of Neo Zion.  We had to exit from a 160th floor window, and as we crossed the docking wire, they grabbed him”, Amma finishes now breaking down into tears.  I wrap my arms around her, and Fallon even joins me in the embrace.  I feel a quiet anger in the pit of my stomach.  ‘I lost one father in my life already, I will not lose another’ I say to myself.  I start feeling really weak again, and my legs buckle under me causing me to fall to the floor.  Amma reaches down and pulls me up and places me on the bed she was just on with Fallon’s help

The nurse examines me in my form now split from Fallon, and then scans her as well.  “Hmmm, both your electrolyte levels are a little low, so we should keep you over night and try treating you both for mild tempest sickness”, she says.  Fallon walks over to the bed next to me when the nurse says “Wait.”  She presses a button causing side bed panels to slide out and elevate into position making the bed 2 times as wide as earlier.  Fallon hops up with me, and Amma sits on the end of the bed and grins at us.  “Here, take this”, the nurse says while handing Amma a white sheet and a wool blanket.  The head nurse walks out of the room.  Amma places the combo over us and then presses the button to flatten out the bed.  “Well, it will be a few hours until we are in Iceland I hear, so you two should get some more rest.  By the way, you should take a look at this”, Amma says while handing us a tablet with a photo on it.  It’s a picture of Sylphie, our merged form.  She looks a little like me, and a little like Fallon, but she has bright copper hair and violet eyes.  Sylphie also looks fully grown, and is nearly 6’2″ and has noticeable muscle tone which neither of us have.  Fallon’s eyes are blue, and mine are green but look almost brown.  Maybe the copper comes from my auburn in my hair, but the violet?  I don’t know.  It’s strange and familiar looking at our fused form.  When I touch her skin it feels like my skin, and my skin feels like hers.

Even now, touching again feels as though we are strangely melded into one being.  I feel that lonely ache in my heart again that makes me want to wrap myself around Fallon again.  “Well, I should let you two love birds get some sleep”, she says while pressing a button causing a 3 X 5 print of the photo to emerge from the tablet.  Handing it to Fallon she hugs her and kisses her on the forehead, and comes around and does the same to me.  “Goodnight children”, she says with a giggle to my bemused facial response.  Dimming the lights by the exit she walks out the automatic doors and disappear.  Fallon turns into me and wraps her self around me, and I can’t help but let out a moan.  Being in her embrace makes me shiver, as her gentle touch pulls the emotions out of me again.  She’s so warm in the gently cooled air of the sick bay.  She kisses me on the cheek, and then on the lips making me cry a bit.  It’s been a chaotic day and my heart is heavy, and since we were merged I am willing to bet these feelings are shared.  As she touches me, and caresses me with her wet lips against mine and the whole world melts away again.

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