I have been called many things…  Transsexual, pervert, transwoman, hermaphrodite, freak, t-girl, woman and androgynous (the later two I prefer if I have to choose), gender confused, tranny, evil, man, male, effeminate, and the list goes on.  But I don’t care about what the world thinks of me, because I am me.  I am myself because of my life, and my intricacies and I am okay with that, are you?

This is how I see myself. I prefer to see myself as free, and my physical body as my canvas to express who I feel I am. I am me, myself because I am me. It may seem circular but it isn’t, and simply because you don’t understand doesn’t make my reasoning flawed. “You can put ketchup in a mustard bottle, but your ignorance doesn’t transform into mustard” – Reneta Scian