Quote of the Day – “Nothing is gained if nothing is sacrificed, but the sacrifice alone does not guarantee a profit.  It is necessary to be careful where you throw your lot, but be willing to throw it”

Consciousness Awakening on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley

Consciousness Awakening on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley (Photo credit: Ralph Buckley)

The old adage of “No pain, no gain” is one of the most used, and well-known quotes and very much misused and over simplified… Pain does not guarantee gain and the quote belies the reasoning behind the thought it implies…  In deed, nothing can be gained if nothing is forfeited for the gain, which is the principle behind the idea TINSTAAFL (There is no such thing as a ‘free’ lunch).  This is a statement that does tend to be intrinsically true of life and the world because of things like the conservation of matter and energy laws, as well as economics.  It can even be said that to a degree most sacrifices are, “in the long-term”, worthless.  Wars are not won by the sacrifices of many, but by the sacrifices of a the minority who managed to give their compatriots an edge with said sacrifice.  A lot can be said with this line of reasoning, and the QOTD today covers what is usually a misunderstood, and misrepresented idea of life principles by including the parts that are necessary to not defeat the purpose of saying it.  What it means is that only the conscious, concerted, well-thought out plans to give effort towards an end is where the meaning in lies, not in the “Throwing of ones body against the rocks”.

Things like this though are part of the social intuition or the things that get buried in our subconscious in the superfluous subliminal messaging of cultural banter.  So people tend to misunderstand the nature of sacrifice because they don’t test the principles we use to understand it against reality.  In the end, people believe their ideas are their own, but these ideas don’t spawn in a vacuum.  Something I have realized as a person, is that I am a product of my environment from conception to death, and as much as I’d like to stake claim to my own individuality as being unique because I am me it would be self deceptive to do so.  But perhaps that is just what people think of themselves… The idea that I was just a constructions of thoughts from the resonance of my culture was disturbing at first, that my individuality was the result of the cumulative ideas, impressions, and identities of others was tough to choke down.  I wanted to believe I was an “Individualist” that my ideas were my own… But it was those cultural messages and the knowledge of those who went before me that constructed much of what I know of my own thoughts.  That being said, there is much about me that isn’t “just a construction of environmental factors and experiences”.  Transsexuality for one isn’t something controlled by some “social consciousness“, or even the product of any similar phenomenon.

Neural Correlates Of Consciousness

Neural Correlates Of Consciousness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But to a degree most people are oblivious to the fact that there is a social consciousness to begin with, and that to a degree it’s ideas and banter moderate our conscious self impressions to such a degree that it overrides a ‘true sense of individuality’.  With data, and the exchange of information happening in greater volumes and at faster speed the human race is developing a dynamic social identity, a consciousness that as I mention does override individuality to a degree.  As a result of this there is now a consciousness that exists exterior to the minds and bodies of the human beings that act as cells within this consciousness.   As with the structures of the brain, these cells that are concerted with the ‘order of the world’ and others ‘with the more chaotic nature of creation and destruction’.  Each cell has a purpose within the human superconsciousness that the technological era has brought with it.  Just like segments of the brain, one part concerns the mundane daily function and order, some concern themselves with creativity, art, culture, and some are there to make those things all work together.  Not ever cell in this consciousness has a function, but they all most certainly have an effect on the whole.  The superconsciousness is awake, and aware of the world, but it’s doubtful that such a consciousness can be completely self-aware…

To a degree I think that most people are unaware of this dynamic, and as a result the superconsciousness is largely unaware of its own existence.  It is the external consciousness of humanity, flowing, changing, and ever evolving… I don’t know what will become of this burgeoning identity, but I do know that as technology grows so will it.  Perhaps the degree to which this “consciousness”  grows will be steady, and perhaps something like the integration of computers, networking and human brains will make it grow and change dramatically at some point.  Who knows.  This is the subject of a well-known and loved anime “Ghost In the Shell“.  There is something to be said for the point where a complex network of interrelated things interacting with each other becomes a consciousness.  We as a race still don’t know what causes consciousness, but there is surely many factors are involved.  It is not a far leap with the level of technology that exists at current that an Artificial Consciousness arising out of something inorganic is a very possible reality.  But what does this have to do with the quote of the day.  Everything.  Thoughts like those of the QOTD are laced within our culture, and too a degree we are pressing ever onwards to a potential future of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and it is a field that may be very illuminating to us as a race, and potentially change our understanding of our place in it.  I think that in understanding how a machine could embody human traits like intelligence and consciousness will give us insight it our own specific organic variation of such.

Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness (Photo credit: Rainbow Gryphon)

It is a field that requires great sacrifice to have gain, but those sacrifices don’t automatically mean that it will be “beneficial”.  If you have ever seen “The Terminator” you understand that concept.  I think it is both through the internal perception, the external discovery, and the growth of human knowledge, experience and technology that we will grow to understand ourselves.  To me I see that as a crowning achievement to strive for and everyday the human superconsciousness grows, and grows from just being an assembly of data, to being something real on its own that affects each and every one of us…  Part of our external evolution as a race.  We may just be on the precipice of understanding it, but I do hope that this “consciousness” will be one that is beneficial, and not harmful to us as a species.  But only time will tell whether our sacrifices will bear fruit or will ultimately be in vain.  Even on the scale of humanity alone, I am only an infinitesimal piece of that consciousness.  I am little more than a single thought, but something our mind has taught us is that it is through the interlinking of thought that a crescendo of resonance occurs which will in turn influence a change.  Perhaps my ideas will disappear in to the wake of the ocean of minds to wander in aimlessness about its currents.  Or perhaps it will build, and build to tidal proportions…

Who knows… But, my voice is there, and I contribute to the human superconsciousness eagerly and actively.  It is the voices of our time, and the accumulated knowledge of our race that will give this new entity life and individuality, and ultimately purge us of some of our own independent individuality.  It’s only time that will tell whether what we lose will be worth what we gain in the exchange of ideas.  While the idea of a mind existing outside of the body isn’t new, the idea of human thought and consciousness outside of a human form is a relatively new concept and one ever-growing in potential.  It is probably impossible to know when such a point will occur, and it’s highly unlikely that humanity will become a hive mind, but it is the topic of many of our wildest imaginings.  It is one of the internal subjects of a video game called “Deus Ex – Invisible War” and the subject of a lot of modern literature.  The idea of the perfect democracy is on everyone’s tongues as if there is a centralized consciousness of such a concept.  Deus Ex comes from the phrase Deus Ex Machina meaning “God out of the Machine”.  It is the subject of much science fiction, something which is a potentially plausible future.  Indeed a government based on the interconnection of minds and the will of the human race could potentially either be the best idea we ever invent or the worst.  Some people believe that humans have stopped evolving but fail to understand evolution.  We are continually evolving, and it’s not just an evolution of genetics but an evolution of technology that will decide the fate of the human race.  I can’t wait to see what happens, and I eagerly hope that it is a bright future.

Will our sacrifices as a race be worth it?