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I don’t usually make links to my YouTube channel for blogging, and updates, but I felt this was an important one to re-post.  In this video I spend a few minutes talking about how there is a cultural tendency to think in black and white terms, as well as the “Conformity as the Expert” way of thinking.  It refers to the tendency of society to stereotype, and give advice to GLBT people from a heteronormative bias.  That, “When your different, everyone is an expert on you, and what is good for you.”  I have talked about it before, but this subject was one coming up in my blog routine that I decided to do in video form verses word blog form.  I hope all enjoy, and if you have any comments or thought on my video please leave comments and thank you for watching, and subscribing to those of you in my humble but small group of viewers.  Take care and thanks a bunch.