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To supplement my discussion on beliefs, being transsexual, atheist and generally a lesbian with exceptions puts me in a unique position of scrutiny by both atheists and theist alike. Mind you, at least Atheists when I show evidence for my case are generally more willing to accept this.  However, I could see someone arguing the logic of my transition with both faith and logic, assuming their position was the antithesis of mine.

So, I’d like to make it clear. I am not transsexual because I took it on faith that my gender is female, or faith in doctors to fix me with hormones, or faith in anything related to who I am and what is best for me. Faith, well, never came into the picture. My gender identity is not only epistemologically sound but also through evidence in science and medicine, that is my self and external knowledge of self that proves my gender identity is female.

Furthermore, my decisions (social gender transition, hormone therapy, et cetera) were based on the reasonable expectations of what I learned about my condition. My gender identity has been static throughout my life. Conversion Therapy only represses your inner most feelings, and is not a cure; moreover, this sort of therapy is dangerous and has been resisted by the American Psychology and Psychiatry Associations (The APA) and several Surgeon Generals. I also learned the HRT (hormone replacement), and transition had been demonstrated to be effective in allowing transsexuals to live happily and normally.

So, I took reasonable judgment of my knowledge that transition was favorable, and therapy to fix my gender was unfavorable, and with the extensive epistemological conclusion that my gender hadn’t and wasn’t going to change I transitioned. It has proven to be beneficial, and has largely alleviated the distress I once felt with my gender. Nothing about the life I lead now, was about faith; and I had plenty of evidence to reasonably choose the path I did (studies of the brains of transsexuals, the psychological data on them, as well as the research supporting treatment methods, and peer reviewed research and criticism of them).

Provided the same information I was provided, I can reasonably assert that anyone in my position, with my experience would have drawn that conclusion, and many have and do.  Furthermore, the understanding of this issue demonstrates that transsexuality is not an issue of morality, as it is generally more harmful to do nothing about it, or to attempt to reverse it.